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  1. S says

    An act of colonization.

  2. DistinctBomber says

    Rawafid shirk at display

  3. DistinctBomber says

    Rawafid donkeys at it again

  4. Most Ghosted says

    That’s kind to represent the messages of peace and unified non oppression, and educate on important dates relevant to others well being. Canada is a safe, friendly place. Manitobans are always welcoming unity walks.

  5. Tangie Town says

    Winnipeg was already a mess before these people showed up

  6. American Hotdog says

    Remember the Humboldt Broncos bus crash

  7. Silly Billy says

    Please leave the country

  8. Jody says

    Much respect to our muslim neighbors. We have much to learn from.muslims and should be adopting their laws in Canadian city's.

  9. d kell says

    We don't care. Non Canadian issue.

  10. William Terry Masters says

    Ephesians 3:9
    King James Version
    9 And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God, who created all things by Jesus Christ:

  11. William Terry Masters says

    GOD created all things by Jesus Christ One man I Am body and spirit in the flesh not people

  12. munchkin555 says

    Too many creepers in the country now.

  13. Maximo Joe says

    Get off my lawn

  14. Maximo Joe says

    Nobody in Canada gives a f**k

  15. William Terry Masters says

    These people Believe there is a GOD and there isn’t a GOD either there is or isn’t

  16. William Terry Masters says

    You and your people that Believe in war Believe by your gods and the god of this world Satan

  17. shem says

    Canada have turned in to mess by liberal government nothing else.

  18. BC coaster says

    Non Canadian issues.

  19. Australian Bodybuilder says

    This is not necessary

  20. marty trueblood says

    drug dealer?..he got his prescription signed..
    boo yah
    terrorist?..he received his comeuppance..
    god's will though..
    happy merchant?…so sad though..snickers

    pan brownies burn
    oh well

  21. Gaetano says

    And then he rose after the 7th day

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