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  1. Melody Brown says

    Let’s give more tax payer money who give a f about the American citizens suffering. Oh year let’s give the people of Maui a couple hundreds dollars

  2. Pablo Von duckbill says

    wow democrats great job hiring Joe Biden he is really a great unifirer, feel free to leave my America when you can.

  3. John Bellefeuille says

    Inching closer and closer to WW3

  4. Carpenter says

    No subtitle or translator?

  5. Liza says

    These people are insane. Lock them all up.

  6. killerclock says

    Yall can say slava Ukraine all you want but thats not gonna change the fact you are doing nothing for them

  7. Winston Smith says

    There is a good way for the USA to get rid of their Stockpile of Nuclear Waste from Hanford in Washington, fire it into Russia. Ship it too Alaska and fire it into Russia, of course you will have to bring some Ukrainian Army personnel over to make it legal.

  8. Sead mohammed says

    This war did exactly the opposite of what US wanted. This war has spread the influence of Russia around the world, while it started the decline of US and Europe.

  9. Elaine Davey says

    It's clear now Ukrai n e is gunna win. But gosh, zelensky and big mouth Kuleba have got a lot of blood on their hands. Not a peace talk in sight. Nor will there ever be.
    I remember when the left were anti war. Now they are all about the industrial military complex and sex change operations for their kids.
    Zelensky and Kuleba are grifters

  10. van allen says

    More weapons to Azov Battalion (Nazis)… and the Left cheer.

  11. Vlad the Inhaler says

    How do you spell Grift?

  12. Wouldntyouliketoknow- says

    Boris started all this …RSSa was ready to declare peace.
    Hollywood fiasco.

  13. courtney patterson says

    Any country that invaders another country without first being attacked should be hammered…

  14. Adrienne Gallotta says

    Thou shalt not of

  15. KramutS says

    So many Russian bots in these comments.

  16. Michel Emmerechts says

    Talking about "the Human Story" while seeing pictures of fallen soldiers…??! Please stop fueling this senseless war…!! Please try to work for Peace….!! Hypocrisy..! Wolf in sheeps clothes..!

  17. Cosmic Corp says

    When the priorities are messed up.

  18. van allen says

    I remember when the Left were anti-war

  19. Lone Wanderer says

    Fascists and warmongers. There was a time in the past when saving lives was more important than property… these days it's never surrender. No matter how many plebs have to die, war is better than peace. Peace talks do not exist.

  20. Royal Oak Poppy says

    Who keeps voting for this nonsense?

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