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  1. GTBANA805 says

    This is what happens when you whistle in the night spooky things shall happen just stop whistling in the night mate

  2. denise thorbjornsen says

    Come to Jesus before it's too late God is judging sin repent

  3. Jabba Jay says

    Geoengineered weather warfare carried out on the unsuspecting sheeple. Simple as. If you tolerate thix, then your children will be next . . . JUST LIKE, MAUI! WHERE ARE THE CHILDREN?

  4. Laylo Ziyodullayeva says

    Hozir suv tuxtaganmi

  5. Adrienne Gallotta says


  6. Adrienne Gallotta says

    Are the leaders meeting in the floods
    Or in the cinema

  7. Adrienne Gallotta says

    Many adversaries in Turkey

  8. J Holyroller says

    I pray for all you and families in the name of jesus

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