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  1. Leong Joseph says

    I wish we all can like his wife. Separate from him

  2. Bjornbear says

    What's his climate footprint?

  3. real living says

    Trudeau must be removed immediately by any and all means necessary!

  4. Max says

    Trying to appeal to more TFW slaves for the low wage Canadian corporate machine

  5. McMuskie says

    Worst representative Canada has ever had. His days are done, it’s a pleasure to wave good bye to you!!

  6. Eileen Gascoyne says

    No future for Canadians under Trudeau

  7. bufford 54 says

    This cockroach has to go

  8. Conciousness M says

    What is Canada doing there? Absolutely no business there, we got no money to invest anywhere

  9. bill boggs says

    We love you Mr. Prime Minister and we love Canada.

    Thank you. Heres your cheque.

  10. UUX XUU says

    He is lying to you.

  11. Tapping The Source says

    Anything Trudeau supports, free Canadians DO NOT SUPPORT.

  12. Revellations says

    Can we affirm support for increase in affordable housing creation first?

  13. Joe V says

    His biggest accomplishment was to ban plastic straws, the supreme leader is a genius.

  14. Bob says

    He neglected to mention his debt will take generations to pay off, that’s the future for Canadians .

  15. Patricia Renaud says

    The elite generations will have it better for sure. Trudeau is a disgrace. He lies thru both sides of his face. He is destroying our country and he knows it

  16. Rock Star says

    Global News Garbage Propaganda…..
    More Spending Promises

  17. Riki Julius says

    Even he betrayed Canadians citizens

  18. Vocal Vegan says

    is the world that dense that it doesn't see that justobey justin no longer speaks for Canada or Canadians………?
    mise well say "the grinch who stole Canadians gifts n food affirms Canada's support." except the grinch was a fictitious character……. but since anything out of the guys mouth is fiction these days the dense world can believe in fuggn fairytales all they want.
    he also said a struggling Canadian supports funding a foreign war to the tune of over 7 or so billion dollars…. ask a struggling Canadian if they "affirmed" they're support for that while We here in Canada deal with Our taxpayer paid services crumbling…….

  19. Winston Smith says

    So he supports China and central Authority.

  20. H D says

    Bla bla bla blaaaaaaaaa

  21. MeidasTouch_Chickadee says

    No wonder China has secret chinese police bureau in Canada. Trudeau is corrupt and is selling Canada by the pounds to China and Islam.

  22. Mei lee says

    He tried his best to show him on the stage, but just tell the world he is a drama kido. H

  23. Johnny Rotten says

    Why doesn't Trudeau affirm support for struggling Canadians and stop showboating in other countries.

  24. Kayleigh says

    Canada doesn't need more international students. We cannot adequately accommodate Canadians at this time. Canada needs to focus on being self-reliant, building our own products and businesses not trading with other countries that have little or no restrictions around pollution, labour laws etcetera which leads to dollar stores filled with environmentally unfriendly products that are crap and ultimately landfill. Whoever imports products for sale in Canada should be held responsible for their impact on our environment in Canada and their country of origin.

  25. Gabriela Dinca says

    big liar

  26. Mr Sticky Fingers says

    Penatrate The Canadian Cabinet I feel so bad for you people..

  27. Ann says

    Drama actor

  28. Vinmango B says

    By the way water boy, how did you get there?????????????????????????? YOU tax us to death to going to work???????????????? Did you fly in you big carbon burning jet?????????? That we pay for.

  29. Trevor Toop says

    The Buffoon speaks.

  30. Koolguy1986 says

    What a fairy

  31. dixon pinfold says

    Asia: "Excuse us while we cringebarf."

  32. Maryanne Dagg says

    I won't promise anything I can't deliver and he shouldn't either ! Trudeau is the WORLD'S biggest and worst enemy of ALL time and the best LIAR in this disastrous time !!

  33. Torsten Hahn says

    I hope this wannebe dictator lectured them all about lgbqutie rights

  34. Maria Lima says

    He has had so much practice at saying things without any sincerity. Just like the propaganda news that supports him.

  35. Kristal Morand says

    There goes more of our money. Trud uea is a joke at home and around the world. Our Canadian people can hardly afford to house and feed ourselves because of this fool. No other country is taking him seriously they just want the money

  36. Craig Graham says

    As long as trudeau is still here people need to stop investing in Canada . We need him gone .

  37. Merry Snow says

    Resign! The most corrupt pm in the history of Canada.

  38. mustang2440 says

    If Trudeau thinks Canada wants to promote peace then we shouldn't be sending our warships into the Taiwan Straits on these stupid and provoking "freedom of navigation" exercises when commercial ships have never had problems. We don't need to provoke China into cutting us off from all our manufacturing done there.

  39. Fight For Freedom says

    Teen suicides are through the roof since Trudeau was selected, they know there is no future for them in their own land, and the trans woke garbage has destroyed so many of our young, some end their lives because there is no help for them, the surgeries didn't fix them as promised.

  40. IMSHY2 says

    Maybe come back before Canada is just ashes. And there is no excuse for this. Animals and ecosystems are being destroyed. Let alone the young and the old enduring it. Why. This is 0 wildfire management.

  41. James King says

    Dictator of a western nation the sockboy.

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