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  1. Thomas Sutherland says

    If you like the shots so much go get all 9 of them thats what would happen if they didint stop it

  2. Thomas Sutherland says

    They are heroes

  3. watchtheirhands 3 says

    is that a shirt or a Lodge floor? nudge nudge wink wink

  4. David Maze says

    Both traitors to Canada … put them in prison

  5. Keep Politics Out Of Games says

    nice hair, rent-boy.

  6. canadian citizen says

    Govt needs to drop case and apologize to barber and lich as well as canadians across the nation!

  7. Mr. September says

    "Anti Covid vaccine mandate organizers"

    Call it what it is CityTv.. THE FREEDOM CONVOY!!

    And if you took the time to watch the EA inquiry, these questions about whether Barber and Lich compelled protestors to disobey police have already been answered. And of of course.. they did not. They had a deal worked out with OPS to start moving trucks, when JT struck down tbe EA and Ottawa police BLOCKED the trucks from leaving. Watch the inquiry!

    But of course, the Liberal appointed judge will throw the book at these two. They sadly don't stand a chance.

  8. Gord Anderson says

    If you think this trial will be fair you, haven't been paying attention.

  9. Kevin Sheldrick says

    Can we do a trial for the subtitle writer who spelt "supersede" incorrectly?

  10. LG says

    Everywhere else in the world, these challenges are being won. I have a feeling this will be the exception, due to the corruption of the government, the cooperative relationship with the media, and how poorly all these so called “news outlets” omit, amplify and even fabricate the story to fit their narrative. Report news. We don’t need editorials and opinions. The only purpose for journalists is to be the frontline between the people and the government, and you all have failed miserably.

  11. Denise says

    mRNA vaccines are US Military BI0WEAP0NS & everyone involved will $w!ng for WAR Crimes.

  12. Al Thunder says

    What a witch hunt. Trudope should be on trial.

  13. Halie Louya says

    So guilty Pierre Poilievre will go into hiding to avoid talking about the Freedom Convoy! Pierre won't lift a finger to help Tamara! She is going to prison. Where are the conservatives, remember when they pretended to support this???

  14. SherM says

    Should never be a trial, they have minor charges unlike the real terrorists BLM with Antifa, Trudeaus thugs. They need to be locked up!

  15. Mike R says

    What's with the purple hair?

  16. Waryaa Wariiri says

    Lock these economic terrorists up and throw the keys away.

  17. Egyptsfinest says

    and someone tell this dude with the purple hair to button up his shirt and face the camera directly and cover the tattoos.

  18. Egyptsfinest says

    citytv needs to get their audio department to handle these uploads the sound is not good on these vids constantly have to adjust my audio

  19. Richie's Rant Expert says

    violent repeat offenders are out on bail within hours only to re-offend again and that's ok. Someone causes a little "mischief" for the Liberals and it requires a 16 day trial.

  20. Joe Kickass says

    leftist propaganda still has millions believing freedom fighters were extremists. Forced injections or starve

  21. Me Hungy! says

    These headlines are trash

  22. FLAT infinite PLANE earth says

    wow I was looking for smart comments didn't find any people have forgotten what fake news is

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