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  1. 1 says


  2. freedom says

    I thought actors were only on strike in America??

  3. Gacha girl says

    Why is it that she gets arrested and press are able to give her a photo shoot, and then they release her 2 mins later like nothing happened? Kind of like pressop

  4. B H says

    Go plant a tree.

  5. Old Scientist says

    There is no objective observational evidence that we are living in a global climate crisis.
    The UN's IPCC AR6, chapter 12 "Climate Change Information for Regional Impact and for Risk Assessment", section 12.5.2, table 12.12 confirms there is a lack of evidence or no signal that the following have changed:
    Air Pollution Weather (temperature inversions),
    Avalanche (snow),
    Average precipitation,
    Average Wind Speed,
    Coastal Flood,
    Agricultural drought,
    Hydrological drought,
    Erosion of Coastlines,
    Fire Weather (hot and windy),
    Flooding From Heavy Rain (pluvial floods),
    Heavy Rain,
    Heavy Snowfall and Ice Storms,
    Marine Heatwaves,
    Ocean Acidity,
    Radiation at the Earth’s Surface,
    River/Lake Floods,
    Sand and Dust Storms,
    Sea Level,
    Severe Wind Storms,
    Snow, Glacier, and Ice Sheets,
    Tropical Cyclones.
    There is no objective observational evidence that we are living through a global climate crisis. None.

  6. Alexia Pucci says

    Climate strike, what a joke. Climate change occurred since the birth of Earth and will continue to do so. There is 0.04% carbon in the air, out of that 0.04% only 3% is caused by humans plus plants needs carbon to give us oxygen. That is like saying there is a spec of salt on the San Francisco Bridge so lets protest and claim its dirty and make it unaffordable for humans while the elites profit. Move on.

  7. CJ says

    She the greatest hero for this world. Everybody is dying, they just don't realize it yet then it's too late. Yep it's all fun and games till you get poked in the eye.

  8. M P says

    Indoctrinated children. It's worst than we see.

  9. giddyupbuttercup says

    So she's a no show when japan releases nuke water poisoning the ocean and our food , but shes here to stop you from going to work in your car ……get this brat out of here

  10. Panovision says

    You guys need to hire someone to do better audio mixing. Sound literally goes from the left to the right channel on my headphones for all your videos.

  11. Dante says

    Photo op stop the propaganda

  12. LBCoach says

    Shes a phony

  13. x_Hesher_x says

    For ever climate protest I see I idle in my driveway for an hour

  14. Saxon the German Shepherd says

    Lol white people always crying about climate. Mass immigration diversity, please hurry it up

  15. TKnHappyNess says

    Lock her up six feet under

  16. Light says

    She should be planting trees

  17. Qron says

    This girl attended a school for mentally impaired children. Greta is not smart enough to think of this stuff. A grown adult is taking advantage of a easily manipulated minor and no one cares

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