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  1. JayTwoTwo says

    Spicy food bruh.

  2. Mr.Defalt says

    Guaifenesin is next. That stuff does nothing.

  3. John Eboy says

    I've known this for many years. Cetirizine Hydrochloride is one of the few with proven results.

  4. Jason Piro says

    I always chose diphenhydramine (an antihistamine) over decongestants. Not sure why.

  5. So , just as effective as pfliezer and Modhernia .

  6. Havendale Blvd says

    The same big pharma companies pay for billions in advertising telling you that their Covid-19 jab was safe as well.

  7. Lynn S says

    Using a Neti pot can also help.

  8. Lisbet Soda says

    That's why they are not used in Europe

  9. Arizona says

    Yeah, everyone trust the CDC, FDA they are always right

  10. Shawn B says

    This stuff is about as safe and effective as the recent forced experiment, not at all safe or effective

  11. Carlos Rodriguez says

    Well, I find nasal decongestants more effective and useful than say vaccines that don’t protect you from getting a contagious virus, or even from getting sick – despite multiple applications.

  12. Ezekiel Lovejoy says

    Pharma are shady af

  13. The Gelasiablythe says

    I've been saying this stuff is useless since they changed the formulation. Pseudoephedrine works really well, but I get terrible shakes from it and can't sleep, so I rarely take it. If I'm that stuffy, I add a dollop of Vick's Vap-O-Rub to a bowl of boiling water, shut my eyes, put a towel over my head that drapes around the bowl, and breathe deeply for 10 minutes. It clears everything for a good, long while.

  14. Cris T says

    A drug that isn’t safe nor effective?

    Where have we heard that one before?

  15. Joe Shields from Boston says

    F D A funding determines approval

  16. Mitchell Baer says

    Just like the covid vaccine!

  17. Jeckle says

    I’m a registered liberal and I recommend, by recommend, I actually mean I demand every Peoplekind wear 10 masks and receive a new booster every second day.

  18. Sa Ra says

    Instead of reinforcing this, they are pulling it out of shelves. I trust nobody. Next thing they will say, vaccines is only help we need? Lets kill competition since we invested so much in vaccines, in fighting cold/fly/covid vaccines are our only "answer".

  19. S Bradley says

    I never take those quick fix, I only use "Vicks" or "Buckley's" for anything cold or flu congestion & ASA for chill's.

  20. Cascadia says

    I use enemas for my clogged nose

  21. Will Li says

    So that’s gonna be a huge lawsuit

  22. Sam G says

    I am in the middle of a nasty cold. My cold meds are doing a decent job of keeping my nose from running like a tap.

  23. I Am It says

    Mullein, camomille, lemon and spruce tips tea. All you need.

  24. Salty Kitten says

    Now they are going to bring the placebo effect to the consciousness of people
    Known about this for years

  25. Stormrunner002 says

    A runny nose is a good thing anyway. It is one way the body expels toxins from the body. Stopping a runny nose is forcing the body to hold toxins or force it out of the body another way.

  26. J says

    There were 2 studies done in 2009 that reported this and the FDA is just reporting this now?

  27. Light says

    So what does these drugs actually do if not clear nose ?

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