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  1. vinay gehlot says

    How come no news agency talks about Interpol warrant for this guy…he has been painted like saint …he should have been behind bars in Canada for his crime.

  2. Rajesh Chaudhari says

    Maharaja Ranjeet singh,guru gobind singh ji,guru Teg bahadur ji and so many sikh soldiers have fought for the last 500 years against mughal,pakistan and china to protect respect and honour of india.
    Until the last sikh brother is alive in india,No one can think about breaking of india.

  3. Wildwolfzoner Wolfe says

    I dont want to hear about " allegations" Where is the evidence? Otherwise cut the bull Justin. Thanks to his blundering, we are now losing India as a important trading partner, whom we very much need. The Liberals are just creating one disaster after another.

  4. Ham Burger says

    Shutting Canadian embassy in India will only hurt K- Terror!$st$

  5. Shantanu Vashist says

    If USA/Canada can violate sovreignty of afghanistan and pakistan by bombing and killing millions all over Osama, what is wrong if india eliminated a wanted terrorist. Just like Taliban, Canada is also harboring khalistani terrorists.

  6. Ace Implementors says

    now terrorists will decide what goes on in Canada? way to go JT

  7. EF5 Winds says

    So why hasn't JT declared War on India then?

  8. HITESH KUMAR says

    Canada & its current government are the hypocrites, sikhs are essential communities and are our brothers in our Indian culture, most radicals sikhs backed by Pakistan are settled in Canada .

  9. Nitin Mirgal says

    तेरा क्या होगा पन्नु ? बडे झंग्लीश ठोककर बात नही बनेगी when time will come, you will be gone first one in a row .


    For the last several years, ever since Justin Trudeau's government came to Canada, it has supported those who support the empty space and those people have promoted violence against India in Canada and from there they have spread hatred towards India. He has hinted at the same and there is a lot of hatred among the Indian community living there and especially the Indian High Commission has also been threatened to die there. In this regard, the Government of Canada has not taken any action against him. Justin Trudeau's government has not taken action, it is a coalition government in Canada and Jagmeet Singh is the biggest supporter of Khalistanis inside Canada, so there they need the support of Jagjit Singh to remain the Prime Minister and because of his domestic politics, he is the vote bank. Today the world knows that Canada is an isolated country and its hold on the international stage is not the same as it used to be. Today, many countries treat Canada with that respect. Don't you see, they summoned the High Commission of India to Canada and asked it to go to India. India also told Canada to return the High Commission of Canada to India and go to Canada. Now don't lecture India. No one is going to listen to your speech in India, never heard it before, will not listen to it in future, now this is the new India, the sooner you understand, it is good for you, a time will come, one day in Canada the same empty space you are supporting will be the same. There will be violence inside Canada and you will remember Clinton's statement that you should keep snakes in your house and think that they will not bite you and will bite others. The same statement which he had said about Pakistan will fit on Canada, that history will automatically. Remember this, I will repeat it again and again.

  11. RAHUL KUMAR says

    He wasn't Sikh. He was a khalistani. Real sikhs love their motherland, like Bhagat Singh and Sardar Udham Singh.

  12. Rupesh Kumar says

    For them who doesn't know who was nijjar , well he was a wanted terrorist for whom INTERPOL released a red corner notice.

  13. Nitin Mirgal says

    What a joker? How did the murderer who is wanted for killing two people get refugee status in Canada, to begin with?

  14. Raghavan Theerthagiri says

    Hopefully this is only the first. All the others in Pakistan and other countries should be next.

  15. TNGDKS says

    I am afraid Canda will become the next Pakistan like how Pakistan used and nurtured terrorism and now it's biting Pakistan back. It wonder if same us going to happen to Canada too.

  16. love kochhar says

    they are terrorists not sikhs leaders sikh leaders were baba banda singh bhadur and all ghuru not these people

  17. EF5 Winds says

    Getting a bit ridiculous I would say. IS it Canada or India? Don't bring your issues to Western countries.

  18. Abhi says

    Here in Canada, non governmental leaders take decision who will stay in Canada and who not. Amazing and they said its democracy

  19. Wes says

    Why isn’t Canada increasing defence spending?

  20. J Cushway says

    I still remember the air India bombing carried out by this separatist group. They have killed hundreds of Canadians, so not many tears shed here

  21. Bryan Doehler says

    Fascinating how many Indian people are commenting on a Canadian news story on a Canadian news channel.

  22. Arpit Prajapati says

    They don't need any indo-Pacific policy as such. Big brother (the USA) will take care of that.
    They should be worried about domestic politics only.

  23. Prashant U says

    He is harboring Kahalistani terrorists and appeasing anit India elements just for his political gains in Canada. This is the same mistake that Pakistan made decades ago and anyone can see it's a failed state today. At the end of the day these terrorist elements bites the hand that feeds them. Hope Canada political system will come to its senses before it's too late..

  24. Dicky⚔️69 says

    Kinda like Trudeau calling people at the Freedom Rally in Ottawa a Fringe group of Terrorists.

  25. S Noble says

    As a canadian, i am concerned. This man was in canada illegally. Was denied immigration several times. Was allowed to stay,was declared a terrorist by another country. Yet we let him stay? Now, teflon trudeau is using this to cover up his embarrassing trips to india. While at the same time denying chinese interference that was brought forward by the same agency that suggested india was behind this? This whole situation is suspicious. Stinks of liberal deflection.

  26. Nirav Bhojani says

    Canadian citizen but he was also te*rori*

  27. TL says

    As an Indian atheist, i salute everyone that is just and honourable in India and does the right things

  28. Lord Alucard says

    Wow…… Let's just decide to talk it out.

  29. Thrills and Chills says

    Canada has No control! As a 5 eyes Country. Canada lacks the Hard choice in Rounding up anyone responsibly and punishing them. Anyone believing this is ok or proud of it. Should be ejected from Canada or locked up for life Period. That is the hard choice liberal Canadians are unwilling to make under the Liberal/NDP government.

  30. romit de says

    I am proud of RAW. You guys highjacked a plane in the 80s and crashed it with all passengers. You cannot be allowed to roam freely. You are not a Sikh neither India.

  31. Lucille Anne Deen says

    It is surprising and disheartening to think that so much attention and concern is being paid to this murder. Sikhism is a relatively young religion and is based on so much mysticism and fantasy it is beyond foolish. When voices tell you to not shave, not cut your hair, wear material on your head and that reincarnation is factual then you are questionably bordering on insanity.All religion is fiction and all gods are fantasy but this one is moving throughout the world with a goal towards achieving power and money and the rest of us non believers had best be on guard.

  32. u263a says

    This is what happens when you import them to Canada. They bring their baggage here

  33. Rahul Raghuwanshi says

    Sikh Group…..I don't think so….call them Khalistani Terrorist Group

  34. dy persaud says

    To what extent should Canadians interfere with the internal affairs of other nations and are we “ ok” when other nations interfere with our internal affairs?
    For new Canadians , how do you divide ur loyalty between the old and the new. ?
    Good luck Trudeau with ur fight with India .

  35. Mohamed Ali says

    Canada has become a big home so Indian groups and government are even working political interest in it

  36. Things take time and I'm sure that the Canadian Government has a lot on its table right now as we all know I think that they can only address issues so quickly, so many issues right now in Canada and the rest of the world as well, and turning to murder show never be an option, words create change, not murder!

  37. Krishna daasi says

    He's not a Canadian citizen lol.

  38. rae0521 says

    If you come to live in Canada, for any reason, it should be a requirement of your residency here that you leave your "homeland's" political, religious and cultural "ISSUES" behind you.
    You come here for a new life. So either leave your "issues" at "home" or don't come. We have plenty of "issues" here already without importing yours.

  39. ifitscool says

    The average Canadian dont care.

  40. Ramaswamy Venkatraman says

    Nijjar wasn't a Canadian Citizen as it turns out to be. Canada was just harbouring terrorists and should be termed a Terrorist state and sanctioned by UN

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