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  1. Me Hungy! says

    You can see through support in the comments.

    Where's the majority of people for this? They just don't use YouTube?

  2. Me Hungy! says

    Alberta literally votes against this.



  3. Me Hungy! says

    No they don't.

    I've yet to hear someone ever say "please make my life more expensive."

    Go advertise that in your poll of bs.

    You should be sued and I'm gonna start reviewing media laws in canada as I'm convinced media has over stepped what they call news and is openly lying to everyone.

  4. Crum TV says

    Alberta support emission cap becoz many of them lost their job and fuel are expensive for them. Also thanks for automation only corporations are benefiting the system. Good luck albertans.

  5. LG says

    Nah…they don’t.

  6. Eric Von says

    Another BS poll

  7. We need more oil and natural gas products not less we need to be mining our natural resources to pay off the out of control spending by justin trudeau and the liberals.

  8. Stewart D says

    Why? We import 2/3 of our oil without any caps?
    Why is that the Canadians have to carry the burden for the planet… Oh wait, it generates revenue for the liberal party

  9. Alexia Pucci says

    Your polls are as reliable as this media station. Move on.

  10. NewWhirledOrder says

    They could, easily, make those polls up. It's just words and numbers.

    Sometimes it gets REALLY hot and sometimes it gets REALLY cold.

    Sometimes it gets windy, floody, stormy etc…and sometimes (most times) it doesn't.

    It's been that way since FOREVER.

    Who else isn't buying any of the climate change hokum?

  11. AE says


  12. Cory Benfer says

    Please post videos more often!✌️

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