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  1. Carmen Lajoie says

    CGTN The Point – Seymour Hersh, Jefferey Sachs, Aaron Mate, Max Blumenthal, Brian Berletic. Terrorist attack Nordstream 1+2, Crimea bridge. The Duran-George Galloway MOATS with Scott Ritter

  2. cafe1234arsenal says

    Ukraine has an interest to bring Nato into the war. Simple as that.

  3. Winston Smith says

    As far as Putin is concerned you have no legal Air Space.

  4. Carpster King says

    Is this Romanian guy trying implicate that Russia is attacking Romanian and thus activate Article 5 of NATO and he is delighted that NATO can now go to war against Russia.. be careful for what this joker who wish for may come true and his country will be another cannon fodder for NATO to use… all these Baltic and Eastern European countries thought that they can hide under the skirt of NATO but unfortunately when war breaks out they will be on their own just as what Ukraine is now experiencing…such a stupid and foolish provocation against Russia will only bring misery and destruction to their countries.

  5. Bissy says

    You people are creating instances which will lead to nuclear war. Why?

  6. mustang2440 says

    Sure let's start ww3 over an unintentional territorial incursion of some broken drone parts.

  7. Tomasz Zawora says

    Yet Nato will cover this up because they afraid to destroy rusia.
    They see posibility to use rusia vs china later. Same as in WW2

  8. serbia991 says

    Do somthing to russia then

  9. fofal says

    it sounds like he found aliens

  10. fofal says

    WOW lol

  11. Winston Smith says

    It’s called collateral damage.

  12. Wouldntyouliketoknow- says

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  13. chaosXpert says

    Russia attacked Romania. It's obvious

  14. George Simon says

    Last week was the video of Ukraine showing "captured" Russian munitions. Like to bet on where this was launched from!

  15. Mark Twain says

    Ukrainus attacked Romania!

  16. Nannun- Daniel says


  17. Teodora says

    Ukraine attacked Romania!

  18. Krishna Satram says

    Russia is probably going to say it's a Ukrainian drone because we know Russia will never admit it's theirs.

  19. celal özdemir says

    romann yakılması türklere olan nefretni katlamış antik Roma krallığı.

  20. Ztuzar says

    Time to make a at least 100km no-fly zone innside Ukraine bordering up against nato territory! Then put patriot systems, F-35 coverage and all manners of air defence inside it! Nato should also totally annihilate a ruzzian army base or alike inside Ukraine for every breach of nato territory!!

  21. Bob Woods says

    It's only a matter of time before NATO will have to get involved.

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