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  1. Gregg Wilson says

    This can’t be good

  2. denkih272 says

    The funny thing is they didn't say what they were offering…. The Norks offer 300,000-500,000 soldiers for the holy war. The Russians offer Biolabs and Missile Tech.

  3. Bananas says

    Hmm i wonder what russia has promied them, right now north koreas only trades partners are china and russia, so they will stay friendly with them no matter what, could it be promised weapons?

  4. This That says

    Another failed opportunity to take out & get rid of these two filthy murderers. Lol

  5. Ronaldo M says

    People needed to missle that area.

  6. xCryp7 says

    sto su u sarajevu uzeli abdest i ruke spustili na korice kurana

    svi prisutni Bosnjaci jednodushno su prisegom izkazali vijernost

    Husein Kapetanu kao Bosanskome Valiji:


    " Mi ovdje skupljeni svi jednoglasno

    Tebe postavljamo za Valiju' ejaleta Bosne

    svu nashu pokretnu i nepokretnu Imovinu

    i posebno nashe Porodice i Dijecu predajemo tebi

    u ruke i za tvoju srecu. Od sada tebe priznajemo kao

    __________Valiju Bosne '_______________________

    i nikoga zdruge strane netrebamo i neprimamo

    tko god da ga je postavijo. Ima umrijeti i propasti

    ali od ovoga nema odustati'. "

    __________________________ GLAVU DAMO… BOSNU NEDAMO !!! " __________________


  7. Marco Mancini says

    After the Chinese say no, it's all the Chinese's fault.

  8. Riccardo Antonelli says

    All this is pathetic, desperation, how Putin, who despised Kim, has become reduced, Putin is now forced to ask Kim for help, but the Russian Federation is not North Korea, the Russian people will now understand their president's act of desperation dictator.

  9. Giannino Di Biase says

    Kim Jong-un made a very advantageous contract with the Russians, Russian grain in exchange for weapons, since the North Koreans will never use them, at least Kim Jong-un can feed his starving people.

  10. Marcel Desautels says

    Maybe that's what we need something like this to stir up the bees nest to get rid of this stupid liberal NDP government

  11. The Flowapowa42o Show says

    Dumb and Dumber 3 confirmed

  12. Climate Sceptic Sceptic says

    How priceless. Two tyrants totally ticked trying to trot together to total triumph. But both bros, bumptious bumpkins, be batty.

  13. Tom R says

    Great! The US and Euro/Nato nations need to mind their own business and take care of there own people in their own countries. US/Nato is not the world police force.

  14. Katrin Deforth says

    "Dictators ride to and fro upon tigers which they dare not dismount. And the tigers are getting hungry." – Winston Churchill

  15. Grant Bablitz says

    The only regime I really hate passionately. Is the Nazi Death Cult that runs Canada. Russia and Korea are not the ones forcing Medical Doctors in Canada to prescribe euthanasia to people for being homeless.

  16. Out There says

    These two have been at this for decades and getting nowhere.
    Trying to start a fight with NATO, who is 31 countries with just under a billion people, most land mass in the world, most ports, biggest and most high-tech military.
    It’s like Peewee Herman trying to pick a fight with Brock Lesner

  17. Odd butfair says

    Well, at least they get along with each other

  18. Razear says

    Kim might want to double check the bottom of his wine glass for a cyanide pill before taking a sip…

  19. Please Get Real says

    North Korea is the most sanctioned country in the world !
    So US threat of sanctions on North Korea is a real joke.
    North Korea knows which side of their bread is buttered now.
    Russia will make them great again !

  20. Vini Vibes says

    Kim definetly did not look like her profile pic.
    After a long boring date they realised they both had trust issues and based their relationship on that mutual ground.

  21. Michael Barnett says

    The war, hasn't arrived yet but will do with the extreme propoganda that comes from perpetual war, defending the longest borders in the world, along withe prisoner use in the army. The war I'm talking about is Nuke war, that will include psychosis, prisoners, and even more extreme propoganda.

    @KremlinRussia_E A countries future is unpredictable, a country so large it is in perpetual war, using prisoners for war, for its own survival may have to split in two, before psychosis & Nukes become a reality.

    Humanity is not liked,

    eBook series Religion Separates Man From God

  22. Ed Aulder says

    Part 2 to the start of ww3. now america will get south korea to invade north korea. then in comes china. then america. an on an on an on
    China has long been supplying North Korea with rocket fule. so why would military eptquiptment be any diffrent
    realisticly what can North Korea make?

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