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  1. alireza rastgou says

    نکاه کنید دولت مراکش مزدوری فرانسویان است نه خدمت گزار ملتش

  2. Evangeline Gilbero says

    Have you noticethat most tourist destination countries are in ruined by natural disasters..just like in what hapoenned in maui and now morocco

  3. Peng Rock says

    Walang mga bakal mga bahay bbasak tlga yn

  4. you lose says

    Right now is an excellent time to travel to Morocco. Hotels and restaurants will be cheap because they will be needing the tourist dollars. If you have a FB, TikTok or IG account and want some great disaster footage that will generate clicks and paid sponsorship, this would be the time and place to go. I just came from Maui to shoot footage of the wildfire disaster there and hotels were cheap and the businesses were discounting their goods and services because they need the money. It was a cheap trip for me and my friends and now we're planning to go to Morocco. My site views are way up and I'm making a lot of money off my Maui footage.

  5. T sangma comedy tv says

    Hai madam good morning

  6. Samina Alvi says

    Astaghfirullah alhafeez al amaan

  7. Jim Mcc says

    Sorry, from America!

  8. Maitreyee Singh says

    So distressing.May the rescuers have the strength they need.

  9. Derek Woodford says

    Where was this response for Maui? In a first world country?

  10. Thào thị cơ says

    Oh, it's so dangerous, my friend

  11. Heather Ives says

    prayer for the people of morocco we are so sorry

  12. LEO - says

    jeez. And to think that King Muhammad VI of Morocco makes it hard for foreign rescue to come into the country. What's Morocco hiding or afraid of?

  13. israel david leon rodriguez says

    Do they deserve tears, after bullying the South Koreans to their heart's content?

  14. Pam Nosworthy says

    So tragic..Their buildings are not made to take a earth shake that big.I feel so bad for these people..They are also isolated which affects the rescue.

  15. Brigit Karlsen says

    You keep showing the rubble .. show the rescue more pls …

  16. TIM LOWRY says


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