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  1. Pay attention says

    Scientists said bugs are toxic for human!!!! Don’t eat theee bugzzz

  2. Jody says


  3. Elvos Vos says

    Imagine, they even get payed for this. But they want to push it so you join their agenda…for free.

  4. Kathleen 168 says

    They are going to die from parasites

  5. GodSaveOurPlanet says

    I wish people would stop eating crickets. They have chitin in them which causes glioblastoma, breast cancer, and ovarian cancer.

  6. ACanadian says

    Her poor husband…

  7. длб FanClub says

    food shouldnt be mind over matter.

  8. Hector Lamar says

    Let Dr Evil Klaus eats them.

  9. Andrea H says

    People have a natural revulsion to these things for a reason

  10. C. M. says

    These people are insane… How about THEY all eat the bugs and save the planet, while the rest of us will continue as we have.

  11. MagForTruth says

    Stop pushing this ain't no one gonna fall for it. Bugs has salmonella

  12. Bradford Mailprick says

    What do you think about that, DALE!

  13. YouTubeAreCommunistScum says

    U will eat ze bugs and be happy

  14. geist262 says

    More garlic salt

  15. hydrolito says

    Let the politicians and birds eat the crickets.

  16. Eric G says

    Feed them to the politicians who are pushing this insanity

  17. You say you will never eat them?

    What about when chicken is $25 a pound, and beef is illegal?

    Think that'll never happen?
    They're telling you what's going to happen.
    They began telling us about the pronouns back in 2004.

    Repent and turn back to Christ, Canada, He is our only hope. We are no match for the devil and his minions. They have armies, and Ai, and the internet and billions and billions of dollars.

  18. James Clark says

    bugs are not good for you.

  19. Yu Peet says

    I feel empty when your videos are missing. Could you consider posting them more regularly?✌️

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