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  1. twisterwiper says

    The future for these two individuals is looking bright and hot. There are two very special seats reserved in hell for them.
    BTW, does he use the empty boxes of Hennessy to cut his hair?

  2. Ken North says

    Kim will trade back old soviet ammunition for food and missile technology. Just pathetic.

  3. Tyler Durden says

    Why wouldn't they be allowed to trade with each other? Pretty sure america does not own either country. How many countries does america trade weapons with?

  4. Odin Ponzi says

    Why does he look different?

  5. paul bond says

    I hear that Kim stayed over in russia a couple of days 'coss he couldn't push himself away from that marvellous russian food. Looks like he gained a couple of lbs while he was meeting (meating?) with the mighty Poots?

  6. Sergei says

    2 most sanctioned countries in the worlds became friends. Who could have thought? Trump tried to make peace with DPRK and neocons have sabotaged it. It serves you right.

  7. Bob Skaftfeld says

    Nice hair style Kim! NOT

  8. Jacob Dean says

    Angels against evil NATO, Western terror crusade.

  9. India, China, Russia, N Korea with it's magical train… and a bunch of rogue 3rd world nations against the world, afraid yet?

  10. Zainal Abidin says

    SLAVA RUSSIA❤ SLAVA NORTH KOREA❤ nato don't cry please!!! They will prosper together!

  11. Feelzmyretry says

    putin killer

  12. Camilla KS says

    00:35 creepy person in the backround

  13. Razear says

    It's not like the US has any power to intervene. Both NK and Russia are sanctioned to hell and back. If they decided to make an exchange, there's nothing any third party could do to stop it.

  14. Zach says

    Kim Jong un is just putins puppet

  15. Stewart D says

    I never trust a guy who uses a box to cut his hair.

  16. scott pomroy says

    Isn't it something to see these 2 dictators sipping champagne while their citizens starve to death daily?

  17. Hai Domo says

    Nothing has been announced yet the west is speculating and spreading panic.

  18. Tyler K says

    This is what happens when we fund and prolong wars, our enemies will come together and become stronger.

    What are we going to do? Sanction them? Lol

  19. UkrainianPunk180 says

    How desperate is Putin going to North Korea's relic of a weapons bin and engaging in trade?

  20. Ridds says

    I hope the Russian Federation can get an arms deal with the DPRK. Even the playing field in the American Proxy War in Ukraine.

  21. Bela Vekony says

    Fu UN

  22. Bilo Bath says

    Russia China Korea iran and a dozen other allies of theirs
    Are ready to take on the west & nato.

    My bets on the Russian coalition
    West is going to be wiped off the face of this planet

  23. Craig Hanoski says

    The "Kings of the East" are rapidly aggregating!

    “And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared.” (Revelation 16:12, KJV)

  24. Pat Hand says

    Gotta give Global News credit, they at least reported on the banned cluster bombs the US is supplying Ukraine. Most Canadian news media are terribly lopsided in the coverage of this war.

  25. Brian Steele says

    Canada also banned the use of decent equipment for its military

  26. Elgin Hasan says

    Evil help evil

  27. Shaolin Rasta says


  28. Christopher Rowe says

    The clear villains

  29. El Terrifico says

    Putin is the only real leader on the planet.

  30. Kris Niemczuk says

    Actually this may be good news.
    It may make our government stop pushing for World War 3.

  31. Sonja Morrison says


  32. corey caldwell says

    More fear mongering

  33. Mile Ristic says

    WW3 against third antihrist Abu Musab MABUS Al Zarqavi and World DAES !!!


    World war 3

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