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  1. Mikbrudder says

    Isn’t that the guy on Yellowstone ?

  2. Andy Michlosky says

    Mr Kinew says he'll open the emergency rooms. But we all know we dont have the staff to man the fort currently.
    So i wonder. How, all of the sudden, after celebrating his win, will he find the bodies necessary to make what he is saying viable?
    Also, whenever a provincial election in manitoba happens, i nod off when either party bashes provincial healthcare. I've been alive for both consevative and ndp long runs. There's always been hallway medicine.
    The conservative peoposal to cut the income tax for 4 years puts money back in peoples hands. Money they earned.

  3. Russ Logan says

    Who cares

  4. mainland says

    If they vote ndp then they are idiots. Ndp only brings more taxes and higher costs of living.

  5. raw data says

    Manitoba conservatives are a disgrace to the brand
    At least Alberta and Saskatchewan are standing up to trudeau

  6. Pixie Madness says

    Conservatives have gone mental. All I hear from the them is conspiracy theories.

  7. Gord Morris says

    all you people remember the ndp is backing the liberals which is costing Canadians there entire savings

  8. The ndp with more in more taxes just like in T.O with Chow the ndp are socialist and destroy everything they touch.

  9. Yvonne Kneeshaw says

    Look at the history …

  10. Ken Clements says

    The NDP always make big promises while campaigning and if they get into power those promises always seem to take a backseat as their real agenda takes over. Alberta discovered that with Notley. The NDP sing a sweet song of helping the people until they get elected.

  11. Dirty Deeds says

    Wab Kinew is a criminal loser who gets special treatment because of his race.
    Do you think an East Indian, Phillipeno or white male in Winnipeg would be able to run for any position in government if they had robbed and assaulted a taxi driver? We all know the answer. F the NDP and this fool of a man.

  12. Michelle Kuzmicz says

    Canada needs to stop voting period! It doesn't matter who you vote for these criminals are selected not elected! We need to send them a message and just stop voting

  13. Boois Hoois says

    Don't make the mistake of voting NDP. Unless you want your overdoses and housing prices to surge, and a crime wave. And don't worry if your public hospitals are overwhelmed. They won't allow private health care but they'll use taxpayer money to bus cancer patients to private health clinics in the US.

  14. Sonia Korchynski says

    Great we can vote for a greedy selfish trump want a bes, or a incompetent misogynist, great. Guess no decent people are willing to participate in this totally corrupt system.

  15. Oscar Gomez says

    no more cp.ADP is the most ,

  16. Freddy Waldner says

    Canoe beats his wife.

  17. Art says

    Elections: a convention of snake oil salesmen. Until we eliminate political parties we will never get the will of the people. Vote in enough independents to pass legislation, under the Notwithstanding Clause, to exclude participation by slates.

  18. David McCalister says

    Really hopeful canada gets a wave of conservatives and force the liberals and NDP to sit in defeat and really think about who they want to be when they grow up… if they ever grow up…

  19. gary boates says

    Bottom line is you can't afford your lifestyle. Provincially speaking and by the sounds of the national data, most of you on a personal level. Reign it in.

  20. Mike McKenna says

    Wab Kinew should take over the NDP. Jagmeet has been terrible.

  21. Todd Pick says

    The choice is easy you vote for people who wont interfere in your life or you vote for socialist chugs.

  22. Gary Faulds says

    I'm sure the state funded news media (cbc) will try to campaign for the NDP for sure .

  23. Charles Reece says

    ABC Maniboba…anything but conservative…look at the mess.

  24. Keelan says

    Im voting for whoever wants to make car insurance private, get rid of MPI and you've got my vote

  25. Derrin Douglas says

    Kinew ruling over his peoples land would be cool, never seen a first person premier. I only see British or French immigrants

  26. Motorhead says

    have you noticed our country under a liberal ndp team up?…it’s an absolute disaster …vote conservative

  27. Luke Smart says

    Conservatives are the clear choice.

  28. Bryan Gafka says

    Remember ndp P standing for party Re communist this ndp was CCF Canadian Communist federation. Be carful what you want. Your taxes will go up they will say no but invent new ones. The pc is the lesser of the two. Remember who lowered your taxes.

  29. Scott Hart says

    Kinew will spend millions on dump searches

  30. Scott Hart says

    I dont like Stefansson on health car but wab will give his people free money. No good choice. Where's the liberals?.

  31. V A says

    If you vote for me I promise more lies and corruption.

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