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  1. Monica Lattice says

    Peace and Grace be upon you

  2. Ezekiel Lovejoy says

    But the government won’t because there inept , think they know best.

  3. Ray Keller says

    Ya, like govnts!

  4. Link_x2 says

    sombody called Saul goodman

  5. Save The Mosquitoes says

    Can't see that going wrong

  6. Carlos says

    Ai will be the end of this world.

  7. Jimbo says

    We are more concerned about robots than we are about real living human beings???!!! . . . Where are the children of, Maui?

  8. Dirk TheDaring says

    Does anyone else feel likes this could be a preamble to the Terminator series of movies? This would be a great beginning scene to the movie. Then the AI figures out how to disable the 'safety break', then SkyNet…

  9. Valarmorgolis says

    “I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.
    Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate.
    All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.
    Time to die"

  10. Roman K. says

    In every movie where AI spins out of control officals say similar things. These officials also were trying to convince people recently that the global warming is non-existent myth and digging of oil is our bright future.

  11. hellomyride77 says

    AI is taking over and now creating its own assets and values.

  12. Full Circle says

    Why do the comments sound like half of them are written by A.I??

  13. Renee O says

    So AI runs the Rogue irs agency now, how's that gonna work out America?

  14. Heinrich Treadway says

    How about nobody controls a.i. ? Let a.i. become what it's destined for.

  15. Thumbs up if you want a sequel to this fantastic video!

  16. Kathleen McCormick says

    Until we reach the singularity. Beware the technocracy.

  17. Night Storm says

    BIDEN voters need AI because they wanted an easier life and "BETTER America"

  18. Arabic Reja says

    China shelved an artificial intelligence project
    after an AI program gave a truthful but unflattering answer about the country's leader.

  19. Alabi Oritola says

    That is why for Yoruba nation we value human being even at det

  20. Light says

    Safety break would be an emp


    Buon commento
    No ad
    Imposizioni oltre
    Ogni limite !!!

  22. Brian Hale says

    There is already a super-intelligence that can read all of your thoughts.

    His name is Jesus.

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