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  1. vaibhav umbarkar says


  2. John Doe88 says

    Waste of money

  3. Raju Nair says

    Congrats Japan❤

  4. dilip aghav says

    All the best Japan. Love from India.

  5. anurag gopal says

    Liftoff Normaaalll

  6. G K says

    Looks so advance. wishes from India

  7. Death Parade says

    Well done Japan! Hope to see your Moon sniper beating India's record of landing within 300 meters of the targeted landing spot (Chandrayaan-3).

  8. 土拨鼠札記 says


  9. Dibyendu Bandyopadhyay says

    All the very best to the most civilised and disciplined country for the success. You will definitely achieve the goal. Best wishes from India.

  10. Top Knowledge Master says


  11. tenzoul1 says

    Japan has been launching rocket since mid-1960s. The first Japanese satellite Ohsumi was launch in space on 11 February 1970 and became the fourth country to launch satellite in space after (1) USSR, (2)USA & (3)France. Congratulations Japan for the successful launch and all the best.

  12. The energy and passion you bring to your videos is contagious. It's impossible not to get excited about the topic.

  13. Lanchoo v says

    Congrats Japan from India

  14. Saurav Sinha says

    Congratulations to Japan. All the best.

  15. JeetDey • 22 years ago says

    Japanese count down was funny

  16. Ranjeet Singh says

    Is it crashed?

  17. sashanka sinha says

    Indo からにほんじんにおめでとうございます。

  18. Kinetic Dyslexic says

    Do we know if the payload for both the Hitomi 2 and the moon lander had enough fuel to get into orbit? I watched a live stream, and they suggested that if the payloads on both of these dont have thrusters on board, they will not make orbit. So I just want a follow up

  19. syrupyourmaple says

    pretty wholesome seing indians praise this and encourage the japanaese, like humans should

  20. The Red Bone King says

    It seems every country wants to get in on the scam now. Good way to fleece the taxpayers.

  21. Ismat Hussain says

    Play zombies ❤

  22. SoN oFaBleepBlop says

    Why all of a sudden everyone wants to land on the moon ? Russia India and now japan

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