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  1. Winston Smith says

    More CO2 increase by removing forests

  2. Maksum Zaifudin says

    Emang kenapa kalau jakarta masih ada kekurangan, urusin negara lo dari pada ngurusin negara lain

  3. Victoria Gutierrez says

    what about florida

  4. Load Puller says

    Despite all my rage, I'm still just a rat in a cage…

  5. Korky says

    I hope that mo Ron trudeau doesn’t offer to use Canadian taxes to relocate their capital!

  6. Leslie Wheeler says

    Smart move by Canada to help. All country's that have the ability should help! Very easy decision to make.

  7. K M says

    Who gives af! We are in Canada! Report on Canadian news!

  8. Cat Collision says


    We went from 24/7 cases to 24/7 climate. lol

  9. Cat Collision says

    Trudeau on the orders of globalists / Rockefeller will relocate diversity rich Jakarta to Canada. lol

  10. Shawn B says

    Not our problem!

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