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  1. Angela Keller-Herzog says

    This is a brilliant piece looking at different perspectives on our politics and Canadian democracy by three commentators that care deeply and have thought about it deeply. I am so very impressed with Xiao Li for curating these three clips, ending on Joan's piece. Joan Kuyek is a woman wise to the ways of the world. She has been watching the world with eyes wide open for decades. The fact that Joan sees this democratic path forward fills me with some hope. Thank you Xiao, Matt, Julia and Joan.

  2. Yvette Paulson says

    Their facts are all false hoods!! "The worst record in the G7"?! Canada is a high emitter per Capita, Not actually accumulated World emissions. Canada has one of the best environmental records in the World!!! Largest forests, cleanest water, most National Parks.
    One of the many under 2% emissions Globally! Canada cannot save the planet! I just don't understand why these people think Canada is so significant?! If China does not slow down and India becomes the new industrial mecca, what do they think is going to happen?! They seriously need a Reality Check!!!!

  3. Me Hungy! says

    Sick of the whinging from whiners.

    You want to go bankrupt, destroy your own life.

  4. The Flowapowa42o Show says

    If you can't beat um, join um!

  5. DD PWE says

    If you're worried about the climate, the best thing an individual can do is remove any and all animal products from your diet. Going plant-based is 75% less polluting than the standard Western diet. This way, you vote with your wallet.


    these activist can pound sand

  7. Alexia Pucci says

    Climate strike, what a joke. Climate change occurred since the birth of Earth and will continue to do so. There is 0.04% carbon in the air, out of that 0.04% only 3% is caused by humans plus plants needs carbon to give us oxygen. That is like saying there is a spec of salt on the San Francisco Bridge so lets protest and claim its dirty and make it unaffordable for humans while the elites profit. Move on.

  8. Rick Allen says

    so…. Matthew doesn't believe in the democratic process, doesn't even bother to vote, so what is he hoping to accomplish with all the pessimism? Nothing. Does this guy think authoritarianism is a better approach?

  9. Oranges Coin says

    These people are brainwashed and crazy.
    The sun controls earths climate.

  10. marty trueblood says

    first nation genocide was not your first clue?..
    or bombing innocent Germans and Japanese..
    your ju wish god is not happy

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