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  1. Astara Epona says

    considering global warming they should not be allowed to touch one tree or water wetlands

  2. Debbie Partir says

    Correct me if I'm wrong but…. isn't this the previous Minister of Long Term care???
    Fail at one job, moved to another? It's pretty predictable what the end result will be here. Doug Ford needs to go.

  3. Fake Name says

    you guys keep on voting him!

  4. bully arena says

    Unless theyre stopping development entirely and restoring the land every politician pushing forward on development or trying to hault restoration is just as dirty and corrupt as the 1 they replaced before them. They even admitted it was dirty from the jump. Do not give 1 inch of protected land to these people. They can build up not out somewhere else. Restoration doesnt require usage, it benefits from a lack of usage actually do not be decieved. 15+ not 14.

  5. Brodie Chree says


  6. Kat says

    He’s talking very fast and can’t breathe properly a sign of nerves…. Lol whatcha so nervous about sir?

  7. Always Censored says

    The housing con job is ushering in your demise. Prior to the 1970s it was difficult to sell a home and might take two to five years. The average price in Vancouver at the end of the sixties was $23,939. In Winnipeg $13,588. A house was a place to live in and while homes were bought and sold they did not form a basis for trade in financial paper in an unregulated monopoly market.

    In the early seventies the stage was set to change that. The newly elected premier of BC, for example, did not take a slow boat to China. The lease on Hong Kong expired in 1997. The Triads (gambling, drugs, prostitution) would launder some of their ill-begotten gains in Canada if conditions were in place that caused property prices to escalate.

    Agricultural Land Reserve laws were implemented that inspired movements to place a halt on the use of all land. Citizens were cunningly manipulated with a guilt complex into proving that they were a people of compassion and not deniers by rushing to rescue trees. Each attempted use of land was met with organized opposition.

    Instead of increasing acreage commensurate with the needs of a rising population land was declared “protected.” Those most affected cheer each time another tract of land is protected that through their action are pricing home ownership beyond reach and tightening the snare on their own demise. Canada has 895,000,000 acres of forest—lacking perspective—none of which may be spared for housing. The equivalent of a molecule in a football field would eliminate the shortfall and bring housing prices back to a normal level. Citizens of a democracy will not allow that to happen.

    Building upwards while halting expansion outwards causes home prices and rents to skyrocket creating a gulf between property owners and the remainder that in major urban areas is measured in millions of dollars. Prices and rents cannot come down without a housing surplus.

    The earth and the increase that it yields was not promised to Canadians. Couples that realize that their children cannot become established do not raise families. Canada functions like a gigantic enterprise shunting the lifetime earnings of residents exacted through rent, directly into the pockets of the chosen few, of which the aggregate income dwarfs the amount of revenue government earns through taxation. Citizens are being finagled into demanding rentals, not homes. Tenancies are replenished by immigration. Boundaries are redundant.

    Persons at each income level were able to afford to buy a home, before the use of land was halted, as homeowners whose income increased moved upwards to more expensive homes leaving their old homes to be acquired by new entrants. (You can purchase a three-bedroom home in Detroit for $15,000).

    Before persons are admitted to public office, whether elected or employed at any level, they should be placed under oath and required to swear to the truth of their response to these questions: Is your ulterior motive in becoming a public servant to place a halt on the use of the land resource? That was not promised to Canadians? That will cause home prices to skyrocket and shunt the lifetime earnings of citizens exacted through rent directly into the pockets of the chosen few? Unjustly enriching them and leaving residents impoverished and homeless?

  8. Ben says

    Looking out for the little guys/gals by building million dollar mansions that they'll never be able to afford. Great idea. Sprawl until it takes days to get where you need to go because highways are just clogged with people that absolutely have to drive everywhere. Smart govt.

  9. BiGDuke6Actual says

    Paul Calandra's appointment amounts to nothing more than Ford swapping-in yet another parrot. The difference between Steve Clark and Paul Calandra? Absolutely NONE. FORD NEEDS TO RESIGN. PERIOD

  10. rob tosti says

    these crooked politicians all line their pockets with hard working people we also have to start cheating for ourselves

  11. deviljon says

    Nice to see Marit getting appropriately angry about this farce finally.

  12. mike says

    Greenbelt turns into a swamp for Doug. Here's running out of bodies.

  13. JF says

    I will not vote for this party again based solely on this issue. It reeks of corruption, poor judgement and incompetence.

  14. Chris Young says

    Go ahead say 1.5 million homes again, I dare you LOL I'll see your 1.5 million homes and raise you 8.3 billion windfall for your buddies.

  15. Nelson Niedzielski says

    The real scandal is the fake bubble green belt land created in the GTHA and the dependancy on the 400 series and the commercial truck traffic.

    We live in the future yet still act like its prime 1970's open highway driving. Is everyone smoking the hopium just to feed there kids? Its a shame that this place is where people want to be and yet its planned by gorillas smoking crack or white collar criminals and the people will keep coming because the rest of the world is that much worse. Or we just have less freedom and more faith in our system of law, which to be honest seems to be in a state of shock.

    Im amazed we have such incapable leaders, or am I just surprised that they can hold public positions of power and yet have no good intention besides there own personal gain and we let them.

    Im amazed Tim Hudak, after hes career in politics and then as ceo of OREA that he has not been named as part of the issue.

    This province is a joke. Best bet is too get out of Ontario before it all collapses.

    We are seeing the beginning of it in Toronto, the system is failing from the center and Hamilton is incapable of literally anything.

    The way we build subdivions, surveys and continue the suburban sprawl for hours from cities is a god damn plague on this earth and the province. By our same building logic/ expansion, New York state should not have a god damn tree left.

    Removing people from positions of power in decions making is our best hope for AI. We need only the best options for the future, not the most convienient and deterimental to our environment.

    There is no future in Ontario the way its going besides self impossed economic slavery. Run before they dont let us out

  16. Lisa Catley-Furlan says

    Build affordable housing! That is what is needed now! Your goal to build 1.5 million homes that cost 1.5 million each or more?…. people are living in motels, tents and very old buildings that need to be refurbished. Please leave the green belt alone and protect all these areas for everyone’s use and enjoyment…. and for the use of all future Canadians. These two issues are separate, not intertwined. Use other land. Ontario is a large province!

  17. Shelley Passfield says

    What is your conservation expertise??

  18. Shelley Passfield says

    Fair and open does not happen with this government! Boy you talk fast!!! The Greenbelt is not for sale!! Period. There is no good reason to touch it!!

  19. Shelley Passfield says

    Housing crisis?? Where are the low income housing?

  20. Shelley Passfield says

    Give the land back. It is as designated Greenbelt for a reason. That reason has not been changed and still remains . It is to be PROTECTED for future generations! You can’t grow food on pavement!! It is not yours to take. Your BLAH BLAH BLAH, is not accountability, it is gaslighting. No Greenbelt in a yo he used for homes. It is for the health of our environment!!

  21. Leslie Ross says

    Like Trudeau they will get away with everything.

  22. rivershell says

    Conservatives just proved they are worse than the Liberals with this horrific decision!

  23. david bartlett says


  24. david bartlett says

    How much is affordable Housing? 300,000 or 2,000,000 dollars // OR are they going to build Ontario Housing Nightmares

  25. david bartlett says

    Do not trust him>>he will not look direct into Camera or yhour eyes

  26. rivershell says

    The Greenbelt is protected land. Return what you stole!

  27. qbee53 says

    FORD has completely dug in. Attaching a new face is meaningless. Follow the money. What is FORD getting out of the Greenbelt deal?

  28. Qasim Parekh says

    The greenbelt construction is for speculation and hoarding and not for people of Ontario – the reason it has zero mandate placed on affordable housing with a definition what exactly is affordable housing ! A shoe box 100 ft in air is not housing

  29. Nilan Perera says

    I promise to really try and make sure the boss does not get compromised.

  30. D.R. Tweeds Tweeddale says

    You are not bringing in any measures, you're just looking into it all. And you are letting your criminal development pals keep their multi-billion dollar gift to his cronies from Premiere Ford. So you start your new portfolio with lies heaped on lies! And you're intending to build 1.5 million homes priced at well over $1 million dollars apiece, that will not help anyone but the billionaire developers.

  31. D.R. Tweeds Tweeddale says

    So the new housing minister continues to sling the same crap. Why am I not surprised? Get busy with the coverup, Calandra. Public, open, & accountable my butt!

  32. Nora Elliott says

    Give the land back and protect the Greenbelt.
    Liars in the government needs to go to jail.
    Review it back into protected status. Farmland needs to be protected.
    Word salad.

  33. Bryan says

    How is building more homes going to help people buy and afford homes , the building materials have gone up , taxes will go up to cover sewage, roads , etc , building more homes will never bring the prices down !

  34. Blank says

    One giant disgusting jug of " Kool Aid " served there. Read the reports people dont just listen to their mind numbing repeated talking points.

  35. Grant Morgan says

    Implement ALL 15 of the Auditor General's recommendations now. The Auditor General's report was clear there is no need to build on the greenbelt to achieve the 1.5M homes goal. Doing nothing while waiting for a review by the end of the is just another stalling process. Cancel the $8.28B in development rights for free that were provincial assets. Release all communications on the greenbelt rezoning. Use existing land outside the greenbelt first. Get laws passed that development rights owned by the province must be valued before they are transferred.

  36. Wong Jefx says

    It's a trick… The Greenbelt review is to find more land to open to designate as for development…turn a negative into a positive for Gov….saying the review found more land to sell.

  37. Freedom says

    Ford government made Ontario really unaffordable he's only helping people with deep pockets.

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