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  1. Ala Tba says

    Wait till the next round of Truedumb's free money giveaway before the next election. Then you will see inflation going through the roof!

  2. Hay Hay says

    Everyone want the bank of Canada to rate, but they have no clue what happen when the bank lower the rate. It will be interesting to see.

  3. Nick Ross says

    Wages grow 5% – "Canadians are making too much money!" Gas goes up 30%, Groceries? Up 30%, Rent? up 30% "Profits are normal for a corporation"

  4. Dana K says

    Free land is Justin’s puppet and Justin’s puppet masters don’t care how stupid they make him look. Drama teacher.

  5. Resologist says

    When will CTV News STOP DEFENDING THE GREENBELT DEALS AS A FLAWED DECISION and be honest with its audience, IT WAS A CRIME!

    When a group of thugs go into a bank and get caught by the police with bags of loot, it wasn't a FLAWED DECISION solved by identifying their need for a bank loan. Why is the RCMP asleep on this matter? CTV News and Ford just want it to go away? NOT A SCANDAL! IT WAS A CRIME!

  6. Max Go says

    stop this PROXY war! it's not a war between Russia and Ukraine anymore

  7. AJMAL SHAH says

    The more the west help Ukraine to attack Russian territory the result will be the same for both countries unfortunately nobody is taking to resolve the conflict very few companies benefit from non stop war.

  8. Bill Dornan says

    Jagmeet and Freeland are the problem

  9. Beth Gerow says

    odd Indonesian pic. Biden didn't go to ASEAN……where's Kamala? She went in his stead.

  10. Beth Gerow says

    sorry, i don't get Zelensky at all. Donetsk is 95% Russian….so i don't know why Zel is so keen on keeping the area….he's literally getting ppl killed over a line in the sand. On the other hand, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and Zelensky are now rich beyond their wildest dreams. Zelensky could stop the war tomorrow if he agreed to go to the peace table.

  11. Kuen cho Ho says

    Where there are humans, there are wars, It means that the sun rises from the east forever. Unless the earth was disappeared.

  12. Beth Gerow says

    we're having a housing crisis. The govt is going to have to choose between the Green belt and houses. Right now we have a homeless camp in the park across from us…dunno what will happen in the winter.

  13. Beth Gerow says

    they have to…..ppl are striking all over for more money. That's the recipe for increased inflation…..I was around in the 70's when interest rates were over 20%, with wage and price controls.

  14. Zlatan Burcevski says

    “Global sea SURFACE temperatures”. Lol
    You don’t take temperatures on the surface you take air temperature 6 feet above the surface because the surfaces absorb and reflect heat and sunlight.
    Those are 2 different measurements.
    I am not claiming that there isn’t a problem but why do you have to be so sneaky about the way you report facts.

  15. alrighty ru says

    It's a bit crazy to look at charging the chip company instead of charging the kid at high school who bought it and then dared his friend to eat it! Lunacy!

  16. Stephanie Nguyen says

    Premiers – owning 2 or more Rental Properties.
    Rental Increasing – get ready in the 2 months before Winter $3,500 for 1 bed room.

  17. Prairie Witch says

    Social media – we can all be stars thing – is almost like climate change, very bad

  18. Pegasus 898 says

    Hmm why why why oh idk because the government can’t stop spending

  19. Travis Biko says

    1 billion to Ukraine and how much to Maui?

  20. Kevin says

    Canada and net zero , what a joke

  21. George Simon says

    Bumping the rate and slowing the economy more would force the Liberals to admit they are in a recession. The only reason it is not using the definition is inflation which is also Liebral created.

  22. Canada will very soon become "Khalistani"
    Islamic State and the Canadian people will
    leave Canada and flee to another countries
    Inshallah. Allah hu Akbar.

  23. Always Censored says

    The housing con job is ushering in your demise. Prior to the 1970s it was difficult to sell a home and might take two to five years. The average price in Vancouver at the end of the sixties was $23,939. In Winnipeg $13,588. A house was a place to live in and while homes were bought and sold they did not form a basis for trade in financial paper in an unregulated monopoly market.

    In the early seventies the stage was set to change that. The newly elected premier of BC, for example, did not take a slow boat to China. The lease on Hong Kong expired in 1997. The Triads (gambling, drugs, prostitution) would launder some of their ill-begotten gains in Canada if conditions were in place that caused property prices to escalate.

    Agricultural Land Reserve laws were implemented that inspired movements to place a halt on the use of all land. Citizens instilled with a guilt complex were cunningly manipulated into proving that they were a people of compassion and not deniers by rushing to rescue trees. Each attempted use of land was met with organized opposition.

    Instead of increasing acreage commensurate with the needs of a rising population land was declared “protected.” Those most affected cheer each time another tract of land is protected that through their action are pricing home ownership beyond reach and tightening the snare on their own demise. Canada has 895,000,000 acres of forest—lacking perspective—none of which may be spared for housing. The equivalent of a molecule in a football field would eliminate the shortfall and bring housing prices back to a normal level. Citizens of a democracy will not allow that to happen.

    Building upwards while halting expansion outwards causes home prices and rents to skyrocket creating a gulf between property owners and the remainder that in major urban areas is measured in millions of dollars. Prices and rents cannot come down without a housing surplus.

    The earth and the increase that it yields was not promised to Canadians. Couples that realize that their children cannot become established do not raise families. Canada functions like a gigantic enterprise shunting the lifetime earnings of residents exacted through rent, directly into the pockets of the chosen few, of which the aggregate income dwarfs revenue government earns through taxation. Citizens are finagled into demanding rentals, not homes. Tenancies are replenished by immigration. Boundaries are redundant.

    Persons at each income level were able to afford to buy a home, before the use of land was halted, as homeowners whose income increased moved upwards to more expensive homes leaving their old homes to be acquired by new entrants. (You can purchase a three-bedroom home in Detroit for $15,000).

    Before persons are admitted to public office, whether elected or employed at any level, they should be placed under oath and required to swear to the truth of their response to these questions: Is your ulterior motive in becoming a public servant to place a halt on the use of the land resource? That was not promised to Canadians? That will cause home prices to skyrocket and shunt the lifetime earnings of citizens exacted through rent directly into the pockets of the chosen few? Unjustly enriching them and leaving residents impoverished and homeless?

  24. Promise Mark says

    Making money is action. keeping money is behavior. Growing money is knowledge. I'm excited I started earning upto 15thousand dollars extra income.

  25. Lisa Barnes says

    The air quality in Edmonton has been very bad most of the summer.

  26. RonRon says

    I thought it was another military base says lying Russia.

  27. Bruce Aitken says

    "Why Bank of Canada is keeping its key interest rate"? – Because the rich are profiting off of it.

  28. RonRon says

    The NDP mandate Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party.

  29. Kimberly Bahrs says


  30. BOSSposes says

    And thats why i closed all my Accounts and went with wealthsimple

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