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  1. Brandon says

    Not smart…. pensions are great until they disappear before you get to pull it. No thanks!

  2. Ala Tba says

    Cause they don’t like to save. They spend all their money dinning and vacationing

  3. Dembi Poryazov says

    LOL They have no idea yet. Unless you take care for yourself and invest on your own, you’ll be screwed.

  4. Alex Calderon says

    By the time they are eligible to receive the benefits, pensions will no longer be available.

  5. Me Hungy! says

    Ya they choose the socialist, don't make me think route.

    Huge shocker.

  6. LG says

    So we’re told that the youth think the world is ending AND they are thinking of the future by taking a possible pension for later instead of money now? Nah, I don’t buy it.

  7. SteveDally says

    They also want to save for retirement plans in their future but dont want a higher salary which would increase their money to save for retirement. What type of people took this survey.

  8. The Middleman says

    This is just another way to screw the younger generations.

  9. Cosmic Corp says

    I love Canada.

  10. George Simon says

    Remind us again where someone would find a job with a pension. Oh wait, the ever growing uncivil service all funded by the private sector which don't have pensions. Got it.

  11. Rhade says

    I’d rather work until I die instead of contributing to a pension plan

  12. Andrew Torrens says

    Why can't we have a higher wage and the pension plan? It would be a sliver of the profit most of these corporations make from our labour…

  13. Gail Hitson says

    Do they know and understand the inability to guarantee pension plans due to economic and business changes? Reviwing the plans that have gone bankrupt over the last 50 to 60 years in their country would be very wise. They'd do best to direct their own pension plan. Employers may be offering their employees something they know will be meaningless down the road, just so they don't have to pay them what they're really worth today. It's something to seriously consider people. Will anyone else really care more than you about your retirement money? IMHO.

  14. Mr Winston the Pug says

    Im 46yo – Ill take the raise.

  15. Jumbo Me says

    Lol the millennials just figured out eating tide pods and drinking borax isn’t good for you


    Hahah there’s no way. We rather to make good money so we can afford Trudeau taxes and mortgage rates. I hate Trudeau made Canada the worst country ever.

  17. Dev N. says


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