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  1. John Titor II says


  2. Alyssa Monet Mason says

    I love McDonald's!!!

  3. George Washington says

    Ukrainian girls are beautiful

  4. Power of Banana says

    this has to be the "jumped the shark" moment. what a joke

  5. Intellivision Master says

    They deserve a break today!

  6. Deak Ferenc says

    More American imperialism

  7. Derek McNulty says

    He said back in THE Ukraine. Nice. Would you Like a doucheburger with that side of fries? Total gyt

  8. Colin Manning says

    Seems that they are both afraid to actually eat the food. I don't blame them… its McDonalds.

  9. Red afro says

    I doubt the CEO even eats mcdonalds

  10. James Clark says

    what a joke

  11. Dean Oost says

    Once you notice the strings, it's difficult to enjoy the puppet show.

  12. Mr Winston the Pug says

    McDonalds was the first U.S. based restaurant that opened in Russia.
    This is the U.S. trying to make a statement that Western ties still exist in Ukraine.
    Bold move for CEO of McDonalds.

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