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  1. Robert Carley says

    Distraction. Ford can't manage a lemonade stand.

  2. Always Censored says

    Prior to the 1970s it was difficult to sell a home and might take two to five years. The average price in Vancouver at the end of the sixties was $23,939. In Winnipeg $13,588. A house was a place to live in and while homes were bought and sold they did not form the basis of trade in financial paper in an unregulated monopoly market.

    In the early seventies the stage was set to change that. The newly elected premier of BC, for example, did not take a slow boat to China. The lease on Hong Kong expired in 1997. The Triads (gambling, drugs and prostitution) would launder some of their ill-begotten gains in Canada if conditions were in place that caused property prices to continually rise.

    Agricultural Land Reserve laws were implemented that inspired movements to place a halt on the use of all land. What better way for citizens to establish that they were a people of compassion and not deniers than by rescuing a tree. Each attempted use of land was met with organized opposition.

    Instead of increasing acreage commensurate with the needs of a growing population land was declared “protected.” Those most affected cheer each time another tract of land is "protected" tightening the snare on their own demise.

    Building upwards while halting expansion outwards causes home prices and rents to skyrocket creating a gulf between property owners and the remainder that in major urban areas is measured in millions.

    Residents of Canada may not utilize a land that was not promised to them. Couples that realize that their children cannot become established do not raise families. This country functions like a gigantic enterprise shunting the lifetime earnings of residents exacted through rent directly into the pockets of the chosen few. Tenancies are replenished by immigration.

    Life, liberty and property as inalienable rights was changed to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. From the very founding of America the International Socialists had their sights on takeover. Thousands living on the streets.

  3. Sean Young says

    Shuffling cabinet just like Trudeau.

  4. GoSolarPlz says

    Another PC crook pops up. These people just can’t do the right thing. All they see are dollar signs. Ford is a broken record spouting canned talking points. He can’t for the life of himself give a straight answer to any of these greenbelt questions. Why is no one calling Ford on his double talk and insistence that they’re following the Auditor General’s recommendations. He keeps saying we are following “all 14 recommendations”. There were 15! The 15th is returning all of the lands that were illegally stolen during the utterly corrupt brown paper envelope greenbelt “process”. Why aren’t reporters hammering Ford on that?

  5. Brian Ladouceur says

    Word is that Trudeau is involved so there will be no inquiry!!

    Go figure!

  6. Lord Commander Snow says

    Fords a crook. His brother would be ashamed. Calandra is a piece of sh!t.

  7. Michael Lambert says

    Her mouth smells like justin trudeaus peenus

  8. Keith Pickering says

    He just wants to pass the buck, throw someone else under the bus. Corruption is corruption. And Ford should face the consequences.

  9. Gin & Pentatonic says

    Ford needs to resign. All deals must be rescinded. And a full criminal investigation immediately commenced.

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