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  1. GodFrey Maximus says

    Ms freeloader. Tweaking while justin talks lol

  2. GodFrey Maximus says

    Is that honking i hear in the distance?

  3. Tai Liu says

    All home owners must go to Ottawa to come up with a plan to lower their prices as well. Home prices are too hight.

  4. Michael Warren says

    Truedope spends 12k a month on groceries and we get this…..

  5. Joe Tran says

    So the liberals are going to bully companies to do what they won't. Typical. How about promoting the smaller retailers like the Asian markets? Big savings there and if the other retailers see sales going to them, then they'll have no choice but to lower prices…

  6. Me Hungy! says

    Trudeaus horrible to canadians and inept

  7. Trudeau threatened a food tax. Which us consumers will pay. Trudeau is a lunatic.

  8. DD PWE says

    Tax unhealthy food (animal and processed foods) and subsidies healthy food (whole food plants, fungus). That way it not only benefits the system but also everyone's health and the environment.

  9. De minimis says

    This is a joke right? Your multiple increases of the carbon tax adds cost to farmers, fuel, transport everything etc. They contribute to the cause of inflation

  10. Dam-a-fence says

    Heh, "Feds call on grocers".
    Might as well call it what it is, feds tell Conservatives coast to coast to coast that they value the private sector too.
    Conservative's won't listen, they've wars to wage.

  11. Jeff Spicolli says

    Trudeau tried to strong arm Facebook/Instagram and we know how that worked out.

  12. I missed your video the other day, and man, my day was so boring…

  13. Todd T says

    If the grocery stores want to reduce their prices they just need to have every employee vote the government out.

  14. Vasily Tanygin says

    The new Trudeau's tax will definetely make food cheaper.

  15. That has to start with P.M.

  16. Oranges Coin says

    The feds just raised fuel taxes, twice in some provinces so don't act like they care about rising prices.
    Go after the banks that make billions in profit every quarter.

  17. Eric Cartman says

    Cancel the carbon tax. That is the single biggest reason food prices are going up.
    This is Trudeau's fault but he, yet again, want to push it off onto someone else.

  18. Rick Field says

    We have to see it, to believe it.

  19. Gary says

    Liberals won't be in power soon.

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