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  1. CAP says

    Well well well


    Most of you complaining about our beloved wonderful NU-Canadians were the one's who voted for this mess when you put a check mark beside Trudeau's name. A man who has vowed to bring 500 thousand migrants, concentrated around North Africa and Middle East, into Canada for the next 20 yrs. If you understand math, you will surely understand what that will do to the 'face' of Canada, to the culture which was birthed from Western European beliefs and traditions. Most Islamic African families have 4 to 6 children. The average Canadian family have 2 children, and many only have one. I'm certain you can see were this will squarely land within 50 yrs time. All of this is your fault. You follow liberal politicians, you follow your liberal friends, you eventually become them repeating the hivemind sentiments like "we're all in this together", "let's flatten the curve" or my favorite "diversity is our strength!" All of this is YOUR FAULT for not seeing the shadowy mountain over the horizon and now that that mountain is casting a shadow over everything – it's almost too late. You have no one but yourselves to blame – The typical liberal western blood born Canadian who is so scared of offending anyone, ends up being an ineffectual mindless BOT and ends up excepting everything without a critically solid or balanced thought in the brain. Keep wearing your masks, getting your jabs and saying to yourself diversity and inclusion and equity is a strength for the entire nation. Soon, you won't have a nation to be proud of. Advice; learn Arabic.

  3. Greg Fudge says

    Don't bring these people to Canada.. Deport them

  4. ZID IK says

    all the blue t shrt terrorist Group Deportation

  5. Kevin McCallister says

    Send them all back

  6. Gil Mpm says

    Deport every violent person without citizenship. Cancel or suspend the permanent residency status of anyone that showed up to participate. This is unacceptable on so many levels.

  7. Blu Daizee says

    Every single person who came to the area to fight needs to be deported immediately! Alberta needs to shut this BS down! It's not fair to Canadians and it's not fair to the immigrants who come here seeking peace!

  8. TO says

    tribal wars in Calgary… brought to you by the insane left

  9. Joan Porter says

    Deport these people and send them back where they came from.

  10. Dion20091 says

    Deport them back to brampton

  11. Dad Nelson says

    Deport all of them! If this is what you want to bring to this country we don't need you, there better be conciqenses ,this is BS!!!!

  12. Joan MacDonald says

    You want complete multiculturalism, that comes with conflict imported from their home countries. Other cultures, religions and political beliefs all come with consequences to our country.

  13. grilledOGsteez says


  14. Shark Tooth says

    It’s only gonna get worse. I feel bad for the descendants of actual Canadians who are gonna be left with a third world country and for what ?

  15. Bigfoot Juice says

    Isn't Immigration awesome?? A conflict between people that has nothing to do with Canada… But we gotta foot the bill

  16. Shawn David says

    The more third world introduced to our country, the more our country becomes third world!. Deportation is required for idiots like these!.

  17. Imsobering says

    Want to live in Canada? Leave your sh!t problems from your country back there.

  18. Robert Kartechner says

    If they don't like the way Canada does things then round them up and send them back to Eritrea. Cancel their visas, passports and other immigration paperwork. This is getting so tiring to have immigrants coming here, bringing their wars and spats with them and then ripping up our country. Put a cease and desist on visas from their area .

  19. Mohawkman450 says

    And why can’t they be deported ?

  20. Kevin Manning says

    No arrests, all by design

  21. Paul Quesnel says

    It all started with one TWEET to the world from JUSTIN TRUDEAU 7 yrs ago, and here we are as a result of his policies.

  22. Jonny boy says

    Why are we importing these people?

  23. Cheese Syrkyer says

    We dont need immigration.

  24. Martin Siedlecki says

    Welcome to Trudeaus Canada. Deport them all

  25. ickster23 says

    Isn't Calgary an NDP stronghold?

  26. erv dre says

    Only in Canada…not one mention of an arrest by the CityNews team or the police spokesperson. Only in the new Canada is collateral damage acceptable, as long as we don't offend any of the criminals.

  27. John .A. Gonsalves says

    asylum seekers protesting whilst bearing arms is more than enough reason to arrest and deport should be the rule of the day….

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