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  1. I Buy Digital says

    Kids are overrated. Dont care.

  2. intuitknit says

    This shines a light on the importance of public health regulations.

  3. kenneth sanders says

    The UPC government needs to be held accountable for this!!!!!! This firm was RED FLAGED #3 TIMES FOR HEALTH CARE VIOLATIONS before this outbreak …… it was ignored by the UPS PARTY. " Daniel Smith's public statement " I'm Sorry" doesn't cut it. Taking the blame for her Government's failures "DOSEN'T CUT IT " More UPC "BS." HUNDREDS OF OUR CHILDREN ARE SERIOUSLY SICK FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES !!!!!!!!! "I'm sorry " does NOT CUT IT WITN ME……….. " IS THIS USLESS GOVERNMENT GOING TO COVER " ALL " MEDICAL EXPENCES THESE CHILDREN ARE GOING TO ACCUMULATE FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES ???????????

  4. Mark Brown says

    Daniel Smith is fantastic ❤

  5. Mary Malmas says

    Keep these biased news articles coming, this was a NDP owner of these kitchens.

  6. Count Stackula says

    They have a sh*tty daycare problem….literally

  7. The Batman says

    Bet you it is not E coli, and it is BIRD FLU infecting them. Canada is betrayed on the left and right

  8. Christine Ford says

    Wow Daniel S is speaking out about Albertans …what has she done for the 4 Coutts men and pastors who went to prison … hmmm.

  9. D. FLAHERTY says

    Don't worry Calgary parents, your numbnuts mayor is focused on housing for the poor, indolent and addicted. She'll get to your kids when they aren't all sick and icky.
    Remember, you voted for this.

  10. Aldona says

    Mark my words

    The covid injections compromise immunity.

    Enjoy your boosters

  11. Aldona says

    Oh those vaccinated children

  12. Neo Anderson says

    Freedumbers don't wash their hands and then they teach their kids those dirty habits

  13. Neo Anderson says

    UCP and Smith don't care about children and parents in this province. Blame your fellow Albertans for this too.

  14. H Holland says

    Poor little kids

  15. King of MisFits says

    What is the ethnic origin of the cases? Video shows an abundance of people from places where hand washing and poop diving happen at the same time.

  16. Kevin Armstrong says

    This is horrific !

  17. Outdoors wit derkit says

    Sounds suspicious to me!

  18. gunsnrosesforever100 says

    Pretty bad considering it comes from poop, I'd say people need to learn to wash their hands.

  19. David says

    should Show the Daycare workers how to clean up and Sanitize the area. its cold and Flu season CLEAN< or cut their pay…

  20. Steve Henry says

    What does the government have to do with your dirty kids??

  21. KiltedCorgi says

    Smith can't comment as it would be perceived as racist.

  22. KiltedCorgi says

    Class action lawsuit inbound……

  23. StonedViper says

    Calgary keeps giving Toronto a runs for it's money as #1 canadian sh*thole.

  24. Michelle Jalbert-Deen says

    Let me guess….must be fully jabbed up to attend? And recently boosted?

  25. A. L. says

    Ecoli isn't real, just like COVID. Albertans know better, thats why they stood up against covid. They will stand up against ecoli too.

  26. Robyn says

    Contagious e coli from nothing, sounds legit.

  27. Ogruf Jager says

    So wheres all the fecal infested food and/or water coming from?

  28. Little Red says

    Very odd to throw Danielle Smith in the issue.
    Send your kids to be raised by strangers and this is the risk you run.

  29. Donna Desmoulin says

    She’s going to blame the children and the parents for having to work and place their children in day care in the first place.

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