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  1. GoyLand DeFree says

    Health benefits such as what? cancer and autistic kids?

  2. Michael Warren says

    There is no (zero) benefits with alcohol. Its on the same level as smoking or sugar. Maybe worse b/c it's accepted by society. And yes I drink myself, in fact I make my own Meads, Hydromel's, Acerglyns and Metheglins. /cheers

  3. I appreciate the effort you put into creating visually appealing thumbnails. They always catch my attention.

  4. Bren says

    not enough than the negatives, not worth it

  5. Medicinal Blood says

    Alcohol is poison

  6. jimmyhoffa says

    Bullcrap!! I have seen a Liver Specialist for Fatty Liver and a Gut Doctor any alcohol is terrible for your gut, Liver and Kidneys. When I stopped drinking everything got better… lol 🙂

  7. steves whirld says

    probly gonna be born out of Uranus

  8. steves whirld says

    lol at the ''new research out of china''

  9. Seagie™ says


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