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  1. Stewart D says

    Interesting how there’s nobody coming from the indigenous community to even offset the cost… just ongoing propaganda.

  2. Jeckle says

    These people are so out of touch with reality!

  3. Eric Bergstrom says

    With all respect

    How do you search a landfill? I mean really…

    It’s been what 2 years and nobody has a shovel in the ground around these indigenous schools, yet some people think the government is capable of picking apart a municipal dump?

    Think into that… then ask yourself is this just protest for the sake of protesting?

    And, really, why are we not getting on with further examination of these residential school sites to see if it is or is not graves?

  4. Kevin Bamwoya says

    They're still going on about this???? If it was that important to me I would just search it myself without permission.

  5. Chuck Crawley says

    Great let’s search more empty grave sites!!!

  6. invisible says

    Tradaue is a waste leader

  7. stewy says

    Just give them shovels. You want to protest start digging.

  8. MidwestWind says

    In a few years they will figure out a way to put bloodhound-level chemical sniffers on drones to fly throughout the landfill

  9. Dora says

    Why? They don't search landfills every time somebody gets murdered, you know. I still have not seen any reason native women should get special treatment. More native women are murdered? Yes, I know, and I also know that lifestyle is a major factor, so why doesn't anybody talk about that? And of course, there is the other taboo factor we are not allowed to talk about, that it is apparently native men that are responsible for most of the disappearances (Obviously I am talking about the solved cases. By all means, point me to the correct info if that is wrong).

  10. Sonata727 says

    Not gonna lie im a bit jaded by indigenous Canadians. My entire life they've complained and begged for free hand outs while myself and many others are often times ignored by society and the government. It's really hard to take anything they complain about seriously unless it's something like clean water or access to necessities but other than that usually they complain about stuff that is not realistic or just flat out stupid.

  11. Ilovecanada says

    The liberals are victim mentality's biggest investor

  12. Druzÿ Poėt says

    Check pig farms too .

  13. Sandy George says

    The protesters can search all they want at their expense.

  14. Its Just A Meme says

    The gov doesn't owe you anything… Search the landfills with your own tax dollars, this current generation has nothing to do with your bull crap

  15. JakaronoOhno says

    Still waiting to find a bodies from the schools that dont exist

  16. Connor4X4 says

    It's so expensive and disruptive to dig through landfills. Waste of money and resources for what is nothing more than virtue signaling.

  17. John d says

    Sucks to say but everyone has a cost of worth on them. People dont get it, unless your the ones controlling the country your just a worthless peasant with no value. Always has been and always will be until you take up arms and get rid on the people who make the rules and direct where the money goes to. Your protests will always amount to nothing. Its how it is….

  18. Derek Woodford says

    lol, none in the "mass graves" lol, they gotta be somewhere, right? geez….. FN's should give up while they are ahead, or there will just be more and more hate directed towards them.

  19. 595 million says

    Where were all these concerned citizens when they were alive.

  20. Judy Schille says

    Thank you for sharing this! We do need to find our sister. I remember at an early age. A man raped my mother in our own home. Dad was at work. He was a cab driver. We came downstair n found him raping her. That was back when white men still referred to us as squaws. 1967….not much progress….. thanks but no thank Justin Trudeau! Power to the people, of the people, by the people. Love n pure white light to all who see this video n react!! Thank you Creator for another day on this beautiful Mother Earth.

  21. Qron says

    I wonder what their next scam will be? The catholic school mass graves were a lie and there are no bodies. Now a mass search of a dump in hope for another body? These people just want money. It's always about money

  22. Larry Summers says

    Why don't the whiners do it

  23. Trini says

    It is really sad to see what the result that colonism has led to, amongst the native Americans. First of all, colonists introduced alcoholism onto the natives. Deprived them of ways to make their own food, so they were forced to become dependent of the US government. So much abuse and trauma was endured. Rapes, murders, and other horrific damages from colonists. I am sure that trauma is what is echoing through native american generations, til this day. Crime rates are stupid high. Native American women are 10 times more likely, than all other ethnicities, to be murdered. 10 times!

  24. Resologist says

    And, if the killer had disposed of any of the remains of his victims in Lake Manitoba, the government should drain it, too? This is not "news"! This is a protest circus, with no critical thinking.

  25. R. A. says

    Canada is broke, we can't keep throwing money away on feel good missions. There are things like homelessness, drug addiction, improvement of health care & the likes Manitoba should be spending money on. This is a waste of money

  26. Dan a says

    Remember when global reported on the zero bodies discovered under the catholic land

  27. Willia Wallgren says

    Your expertise in this video is really enriching, thank you!✌️

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