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  1. William Sheridan says

    I hope they get life

  2. teemoe rich says

    Why do you say "so called" …it was Freedom Convoy

  3. yanny loyer says

    lock em up !

  4. George Davidson says

    I surprised David didn’t have a rope with him

  5. Ray Keller says

    Criminal trials. Right. Your charging the wrong people Canada! Have you even figured out the crime? Didn’t think so! Who cares eh?

  6. ニハニ says

    freedumb drivers: My handlers told me it's ok to block borders… Wait, it's not? WAAAAA

  7. Thomas Whitear says

    We cant keep repeat offenders in jail but we can spend money on jailing protesters. This country is a joke

  8. Jacob Dean says

    Boycott Canada's hypocritical human rights, gender equality, and freedom.

  9. Eileen Gascoyne says

    It was a freedom convoy and we did get our freedom and now they are prosecuted for their lawful protest God Bless Tamara and Chris

  10. Jumbo Me says

    Lock them up

  11. Allan says

    The trial is a waste of tax payers money.

  12. Bibi Burns says

    Do the crime, do the time. Man up and take your punishment Barber and Lich.

  13. Bike Dude says

    The police are testifying that thing got more tense, yet no one was stabbed, no one was shot, no one was killed. The real thing that happened is aome people “felt” scared and the politicians were inconvenienced. These protesters better not get a prison sentence longer than Mr Li who not only murdered someone but chopped their head off. He is out after 4 years. How sad is that.

  14. Ron Peer says

    Trudeau said he admired China so much that we had our very own Tiannamen Square. Our version was put down in the same manner as the Chinese did. The government controlled media are okay with it.

  15. joe jorgensen says

    “Criminal trial”
    Bahahahha federal propaganda be propaganding for the tyrants.
    49 days TL was a political prisoner of Canada.

  16. Mona Hill says

    Best part of freedom convoy was the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who cheered them all on at ever overpass across Canada! The World was watching this corrupt government be humiliated by bouncy castles, street hockey, hot tubs, free food and concerts every night. History was made

  17. Robert Hicks says

    Why is it "so called"?

    Are you leading your audience again?

    Come on, is this blatant slant just to protect your federal gvt gunding?

  18. BubbaJOHNS says

    Her name is pronounced "LEECH"

  19. Albert Calleros says

    A possible guilty verdict being rendered against Tamara Lich and Chris Barber in an upcoming bench trial for their principal roles in the 'Freedom Convoy' could vindicate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's invocation of the 'Emergencies Act.'

  20. Bill Fullarton says

    mainstream media ,trudeau ,WHO and WEF work together

  21. Dick Head says

    What all these people should have done is ran up into the courts the police stations and every other government law buildings armed to the teeth and hog tied all of them and loaded them into semi trailers and took them to prisons across the country and locked them in cells and then left a hundred or so freedom fighters at each one to insure that they remain locked up especially the current leader of the country and then create a new government because the people will always out number these corrupt leaders and government officials that have been treating the people like slaves since the beginning when will the people realize that nothing will change or get better unless the people use force protesting accomplishes nothing the time is long overdue it's time for Babylon to fall

  22. watchtheirhands 3 says

    2:08 is that an owl pin 2:12 black white checkerboard nudge nudge wink wink i predict some turquoise blue and orange garments for future appearances. great show if not for the poor acting skills

  23. MADRID02292009 says

    Rights not privileges. As the people slumber, an inflection point in Canadian history is taking place.

  24. MADRID02292009 says

    Being a key organizer of a lawful protest is not illegal. Shame on the federal government for charging the organizers. Waste of time unless the goal is to erode freedom of assembly and dissenting voices.

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