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  1. Sam Lipsit says

    How’s the Alcohol study going ? Common sense stuff here… don’t get high and drive…

  2. Alex Ferreira says

    Do we not know that traces of thc stay in the blood for 21 days?

  3. David MacPhee says

    Ah HA! There's your problem!
    The Right Hand doesn't know what the Left Hand is doing

  4. David MacPhee says

    What's wrong with "Sex, Drugs and Rock n' Roll"?
    Wanna know?
    They ain't got that in Heaven and No Dogs either,. Dam …

  5. ErrantCanuck358 says

    Collisions went down, deceiving demons

  6. David MacPhee says

    A documentary exists that teaches everything you need to know about Marijuana.
    "Reefer Madness" or just ask Cheech & Chong and buy their albums.

  7. DrSpooglemon says

    That cop is just dying to get back to arresting people for simple possession. His life just hasn't been the same since legalisation.

  8. pat sow says

    As someone that lost their wife and daughter to a drunk driver.
    I find this report problematic.
    Cannabis Day is in the system for greater than 30 days. There was no massive uptake and traffic accidents after Colorado legalised many years ago..
    Global News is a conservative news outlet, and I can see why they would jump to the quick conclusion, as they’ve always been an component of being favourable to alcohol consumption, including many years of the weekend. Alcohol spotlight on the morning news.
    Misleading facts are detrimental to society, common sense should dictate the path forward

  9. LG says

    Let’s consider that the government decided all drugs should be legal (in B.C), there should be places to safely do drugs and free paraphernalia …and then decided to become a dealer. They are making their money while pretending to care about people and some still fall for it…but less.

  10. SPECIAL AGENT 28 says

    Cannabis legalization from the age of 27 worldwide ⚠️

  11. Peter says

    Duh! When Colorado made it legal my sister who is a nurse said that that the ER became extra busy, what troubles me is getting behind a car or yes a tractor trailer and smelling that putrid skunk smell, stupid liberals are to blame as always.

  12. Liam Glenn says

    Global news is trash

  13. Rufat Hasanli says

    It's was %100 wrong, legalizing the cannabis

  14. ryan bishop says

    What narrative they pitching this time?

  15. Babs Lan says

    Look at the NL. where cannabis is legalized since many years, there is no more accidents because of cannabis, these news here are pure nonsen…

  16. Just Working for the weekend says

    This really isn't shocking news more like expect news

  17. Babs Lan says

    News spreading fake use once again… I think you got something mixed up, shouldn't we talk about alcohol?….

  18. G R says

    Get rid of the Drug addiction people, God doesn't like them and you won't be forgiven for its use unless you repent wholeheartedly of such things. Think about your future and where you will spend ETERNITY.

  19. Suleyman Mulayim says

    I am very glad to hear it! Well done. What a courapt government!!!!

  20. Dave in Canada says

    That guy on parliament hill needs to be tried for crimes against humanity.

  21. Ala Tba says

    A monkey could've figure that out! Thanks to Truedumb's initiative to put Canada on the fast destruction track

  22. Malik says

    Im not for or against cannabis. But there has never been so few fatalities 1600 this last year. It has been steadily dropping since 2018 (1800) when cannabis was legalized. Of course cannabis is going to be in more people’s blood because more people are using. They forgot to mention that total injuries also has fallen almost 50% from 150,000 to 108,000 since cannabis became legal.

  23. This is why they don't want trump in office however smoking weed and drinking alcohol is not a good idea to drive after that..

  24. Progressive Canadian says

    I noticed none of these so called professionals could say any of this with a straight face unless they brought alcohol into the equation.

  25. corey caldwell says

    Biggest piece of propaganda ive ever seen or heard! … heres how… ive done BJJ training (Brazilian jujitsu) for years. A couple of years ago at a party, a couple of friends and i (drinking) one of our friends never drank but would hang out an pretty much be DD… so him an i decided ight lets go lol.. yeah didnt go so well for me lol.. a couole times.. now… same 2 him vs me except ive smoked this time. Him still sober. I wrapped him up into a human pretzel faster an quicker then anytime. Why? Cause i was super focused… so yeah this "news" story is completely false.. i sould like to see more of this "data" tho

  26. Kevin ボブ says

    The cannabis will ruin our next generation. Drug is always drug will poison peoples brain and ideation! Hiding to sell the cigarettes but opening with big banner to sell Cannabis, how can like this. Put all young kids in danger edge!

  27. europa says


  28. Moose Racks says

    There is some HEAVY WEED out there…. just watch those videos where people at these pot fest are smoking the moon balls…. hilarious

  29. Caleb says

    We could plan some of our future development to not require motor vehicle transport

  30. Freedom says

    The biggest mistake is legalizing marijuana I've been smoking for 15 years it's really addictive.

  31. JustSomeGuy says

    What’s the total traffic deaths number? Statistics lie.

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