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  1. Liam Roarke says

    And watch them screech and whine until Trudeau makes the rest of the country pay for them.

  2. Dauphinee Gaida says

    Do they have school all summer? I’m surprised all the children are speaking English? I thought that was a No No.

  3. G says

    Imagine if weather days could be called,ha!!– but parents still have to go to work in heatwaves, so they need school as daycare to stay open.

  4. Michael Lambert says


  5. MarksKirby says

    Growing up we NEVER had AC at school, not even in portables where it was stifling hot or bitterly cold.

  6. James Cobban says

    Most elementary schools everywhere in Canada do not have air conditioning because of the traditional summer shut down. Portable air conditioners are extremely inefficient and increase electrical consumption.

  7. GnR Railroad says

    Imagine indoctrination in the heat.

  8. Vivien Martin says

    Try opening the windows to create a cross draft.

  9. No Reverse says

    Air conditioners in classrooms? Anybody thinking of the Environment?

  10. Kotex Connection says

    You have enough tax dollars from the west to get it done

  11. Prophet Eyebert says

    Schools should do their part for the Climate Change Faith that they preach. Don't increase your carbon footprint by using AC.

  12. Matt McNeill says

    Why the Cluck is there no A/C in the schools? What do our taxes go towards? Oh that's right, new gender fluid bathrooms and rainbow decor for the classrooms. take a lil' out of those budgets and make all children comfortable, not just a select few. That is equality.

  13. Product Review Productions says

    I went to english school my whole life, never had air conditioning,.. post pandemic I went back to school in a french school and to my suprise they had air conditioning… The french schools have air conditioning , the english schools don't THAT IS THE PROBLEM . I only realized that as an adult. The english schools are not well funded or takne care of they're disgusting. as a kid I always thought the high schools in movies were just fantasy and that our badly funded school with asbestos in it and no air conditioning were the norm. later I found out this is only english schools that are so badly funded and maintained.

  14. icankillbugs says

    "some classrooms reach TWENTY EIGHT degrees!"

    Is that emphasis supposed to make that sound hot?

    And this kid can't focus on both breathing AND working!? Is he from a, uhm, "special" class?

  15. edward gibson says

    Federal needs support $$ to Ukraine and continue to do so.Trudeau’s announcement couple months ago

  16. icankillbugs says

    Thought Quebec were self-sufficient? They want to secede, right? Therefore it's a Quebec problem and not a Canadian one.

  17. Michael says

    Their attendance will drop in schools anyway, Quebec is banning English speaking people out of schools. As far as I'm concerned Quebec is racist. Canada is about equality not a master race. As well any company run out of Quebec is horrible to work for, you have no rights in your own province.

  18. TNTCanada 420 says

    Provinces constantly cut cut cut and here is the result. Good ol right wing policies.

  19. jones morales says

    Newsflash summer is over …. a little late no?

  20. jones morales says

    Drag queens need AC

  21. dave mcd says

    and the elephant in the 'provincial' budget would be the simple fact that we're typing away here about an English schoolboard in pro-french Kebek…no forethought on cooling when the refurbs were being done throughout Covid?=prob not done either, right?

  22. Mildred Melusine says

    The comments are awful, how can you all just laugh at kids suffering in the heat? You turn on your A/C at work or home, why are children not allowed the same environment? Also the reason temps are so high is because older people caused the climate crisis, so shame on anyone older who is saying kids should just deal with it.

  23. Tritun says

    Don’t forget about nursing homes.

  24. Mildred Melusine says

    If govt office buildings are air conditioned for the workers then my kid’s learning environment should be too

  25. createone100 says

    New schools aren’t getting A/C???

  26. Gary Vandenbrink says

    Won't AC make the planet boil over.
    Should try passive cooling…it's a thing.

  27. khachaturian says

    All the money went to Ukraine.

  28. Wes says

    What is this subsidized country still doing in Canada?

  29. Barat Ong says

    but ukarain needs the money…

  30. My Le says

    But would add to climate change? We can’t do that.

  31. HSBLKBRD says

    Quebec government sucks as always, French separatist government in an English country!

  32. wbouchard says

    We have the same issue here in Ontario. In Brampton, why is this only be reported in Quebec!

  33. A Christian says

    Oh poor you.

  34. Joell La Brie says

    When did society become so soft? We all need to toughen up

  35. Therocksansand says

    I don’t care about the heat, you dress professionally. Gardening outfit on .

  36. Elisha Forrester says

    It doesn't matter if it was 2days or a wk if you're kid was getting heat strokes and 30min nose bleeds due to ruptured arteries in their sinus cuz of high heat temps…if want them to have air conditioning…can't believe how myopicly greedy and self-absorbed people are….these are children for Christ's sake…

  37. The rest of Canada HATES Quebec
    Can WE have a referendum on whether or not to allow them to stay in Canada??? We do not need them leeching off of the rest of us

  38. Ron Tyler says

    We froze in the winter in portable classrooms heated by stinky oil stoves. In the heat of summer you baked like potatoes in a convection oven. Despite the climate bs, it's summer and it gets hot, in the fifties you just lived with it, in Flannel pants, a white shirt and a bow tie.
    However these are modern children, get them some air.

  39. K Forest says

    Fk that I don’t even pay for air conditioning you can fkn pay yourself

  40. Adam rigby says

    Start the school fundraiser then if they want to pay for this On your own then fine this should not be paid for by the tax payers makes u tougher I never had
    A/c in any of my schools 2 weeks and it’s October and nice and cool life is a test and they all failed this one also All I hear is a bunch of teachers bitching it’s too hard to work meanwhile they have one of the easiest modern jobs u can get bar non

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