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  1. Calvin Slade says

    Charges laid now! Accountably Now! Justic for the children!

  2. Hfam says


  3. Derek Pam says

    I thought food safe certificates at the very least were needed for everyone in a kitchen. Looks like the daycare hired anyone didn’t train and didn’t care. Health officers should be fired at the very least for this as they didn’t even do their job. I always packed my kid his stuff I have never trusted anyone with that. Doesn’t hurt to go back to that for everyone. Sue now

  4. America Ofthenorth says

    What? Gotta be Trudeau's fault. Doesn't he know how to make a ham sandwich?
    If only Albertans elected a competent Provincial government.

  5. Lee Augusto says

    Is not going to be first one in Alberta restaurant chould not have licence to be open groverys store and so many more don't now if inspection report than

  6. Breezy Bre says

    As sad as this is, children don't belong in institutions.

  7. sean mactavish says

    I know let’s demonize natural grown meat as being dangerous at the same time lab grown meat gets its approval!

  8. terry esch says

    Make them accountable! Time to cancel the entire rip off school system ! Has to be a better way !

  9. cosmic knight says

    This is all of Trudeau's fault! /sarcasm

  10. Joe Smith says

    Health inspections are considered "red tape" according to conservative ideology. This is what happens when you vote conservative.

  11. Kommon Cents says

    Who passed the last inspection visit from the government employee with health officials?

  12. Jan Prijs says

    did they get the shot?

  13. Megan Samps says

    Placing trust in someone to take care of your children is very difficult as a parent. It is so important for children to get socialization. So if you do not like children, you are not a clean and organized individual, you are not a responsible adult, if you do not have first aid, you do not have food safe, you do not have whmis training, if you are not qualified with a childcare degree, and if you have a low IQ please consider a different profession than caring for children.

  14. Janet Morgan says

    All according to the WEF plan

  15. Char Crouse says

    You people in charge are just ridiculous. Hurting children.

  16. Char Crouse says

    Now who is behind that one. Hope all will heal.

  17. Hrd says

    Sue them to oblivion

  18. DiVetoWn says

    Smith hasn't made a comment. What a terrible leader.

  19. tsk tsk poor kids.. hope they'll be okay..

  20. Barbara Thompson says

    Late comments are NOT enough! What is it was your KID Dr. Joffre??????????????????????????

  21. Debra Corneliuson says

    Absolutely unbelievable!!! Where are the food inspectors?? Are there even any!

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