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  1. Ed Harris says

    Bet there is going to be a lot of donations to the liberal party, and the trudeau foundation from grocers.

  2. j says

    They don't fkn care

  3. Richie Marshall says

    Deflection of the incompetence of the government in office

  4. Grand Muff Twerkin says

    Polling numbers are collapsing, and suddenly Trudeau and friends want to solve problems.

    I truly hope people aren't hoodwinked by this.

  5. chad kwiatkowski says

    Take away the carbon tax…

  6. semiramis47 says

    political theatre of smoke and mirrors to try to dupe canadians into thinking the government is doing something, anything …… nothing will change

  7. James Johanson says

    David Aiken the face of a corrupt so called journalists

  8. Terry Wolfe says

    Get rid of the Carbon Tax, which is the worst policy of the 21st century. Then, break up monopolies and force there to be real competition.

  9. KJ says

    Now grab all the greedy landlords and lay the smack down on them.

  10. Blaine Kerfoot says

    Liberal government caused all of this with there policies

  11. Cowboys Fan says

    Those pathetic CEOs are price gouging and they know it. They need to go to prison.

  12. Cowboys Fan says

    We need "Own to Live" policies. The rich can't be allowed to buy up all the new houses and real estate. Get rid of stock options and dividends which is a form of basic income for the rich. Pay workers instead of useless CEOs and shareholders. Put the white collar class to the shovel. We have houses to build. Alberta needs to join the USA immediately.

  13. Don Bradman says

    Global news should change its name to khalistan news since you have decided to openly support violent khalistani protestors calling for deaths to Indian diplomats and Indian leaders.

  14. Dan Gal says

    Only buy food that's on sale. And stop going to stores that have prices that are 30 to 50% higher then competitors. See how prices drop.

    In quebec we have super c. For 100$ worth of food, if I buy the same thing at IGA, I'll pay at least 130$. Yet IGA is full of people. Those same people complain about prices. Well drive a km down tje road and pay 30% less butthead.

  15. patrick cowan says

    Are you not entertained.

  16. DPS86 says

    With the cognizance on display in this thread maybe learning how to budget on Youtube would be a better expenditure of your time.

  17. Nicodemus Blackbird says

    All Criminals

  18. Cail Campbell says

    This just goes to show you. When we all focus our efforts. Trudeau can successfully be babysat, spoonfed, and his diapers changed!

  19. romanmir01 says

    this is HORRIBLE!!! This will destroy choices, will create shortages, the quality of produce will plummet. The stores don't set prices!!!!!!! Stores are only one of the many links in the supply chain, their margins are always thin, they are always in heavy competition. They have to pay bulk prices for the food they buy and resell, they don't set those prices, those prices are negotiated and are a factor of production, storage, shipping and overhead costs. To force stores to 'stabilize' prices while destroying the value of the dollar is impossible, it is a failure of the system to keep HONEST money by keeping HONEST government. This government is dishonest, this meeting is just a proof of this.

  20. C L says

    The clowns and the circus

  21. Mean Robot says

    Imagine being rich and stealing from the poor, the worst part is these ceo are all white collar, how they gonna stand up to blue collar men can’t feed families????

  22. A R says

    This is the prime minister's fault, not the CEOs.

  23. Star Dust says

    Stabilized is not good enough,they need to be lowered.

  24. B B says

    Trudeau and company throw the country in to the financial abyss and then threaten the grocery retailers. Desperate and deranged.

  25. miakmo says

    justin trudeau have met with the bosses of canada's biggest grocery chains about how much kick back is coming his way…..

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