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  1. David Tyra says

    40 % is asking a little much ya think

  2. alien space says

    Mary Barra and the big wigs at the automobile companies can go take a hike

  3. M P says

    Biden and his son can go take a hike.

  4. Ray Baba says

    I don't mind people getting their fair share, but I'm wondering if any of the workers are living outdoors in cardboard boxes out in the cold ?

  5. Jc T says

    The guy doesn't care about Ohio or Hawaii, doesn't mind the border being invaded with human trafficking and drugs, completely fine with his son commiting gun and drug crimes, but if the union wants something he's right on it.

  6. Enriqueta Belich says

    I want to learn how to make such cool videos!✌️

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