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  1. From newfoundland due to our supply and demand here it it can cost anywhere to 200 to 300 a child to go back to school, that not counting a new outfits or lunch and snacks. The basic supplys were expected to buy off the school supply list, ( ex 3 large glue sticks almost$5 each per child) new bookbag lunch bag water bottle container indoors shoes and outdoor shoes, its crazy. I have 3 children and honestly the supply list and cost of supplies makes me sick to my stomach. And wrose part is we only have a few store so once the saled supply are gone witch is immediately many are forced to pay double if not triple the price.

  2. Frank says

    More immigrants are on the way

  3. Me Hungy! says

    If you voted liberal or ndp, this was always going to be the case so

  4. Ala Tba says

    Keep voting Truedumb and Singh!

  5. Primmakin Sofis says

    Don't like inflation? Be sure to blame those responsible: your local Liberal or NDP member of parliament. Inflation is THEIR fault because THEY are the ones who backed the ridiculously inflationary monetary policies of the Liberal-NDP federal government.

  6. Caleb says

    It would be cool if we could raise resources for each student's individual educational needs in several different ways…one being a Netflix-like educational streaming service that is priced on a sliding scale in an effort to ensure quality education for all of humanity, with some of the earned money going towards students and teachers/parents…another way could be by giving people the option to generate electricity and data through cardiovascular exercise, use the data as a commodity and put each participant in charge of it to improve education, lower cost of living and raise quality of life.

  7. Andrew Dhaliwal says

    If you can feel back to school inflation, then you must be attested for reproducing your genes.

  8. Ben Ouzgane says

    I've seen people saying they hate winter. Their swear words imply they do.

  9. DXY says

    But I thought CPI was only 3%? Financial institutions now offer close to 6% GICs so technically inflation should be of no issue right? Unless the government is cooking the books!? Nah that can’t be…

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