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  1. 1 says

    Decriminalization and taxation

  2. Al Thunder says

    Yes still more laws that cannot be enforced.

  3. Eric Cartman says

    So it's okay to use drugs on the way to the skatepark or playground but just not on the grounds of it?

  4. Ian Howes says

    Possession of drugs is already unenforcable – not enough cops and too many druggies. And no place to put them if they are arrested. What a silly government BC has

  5. Larry Williams says

    If you were looking for an indication that these dummies, yes dummies, MIGHT be seeing the mistake they have made.

  6. Womba1009 says

    Why not ban the drugs and open treatment centers so these people can get the help they need? naw, free drugs, free food, free bed . it is pathetic how this government supports addiction and at the same time tries to punish it.

  7. Who would have guessed that giving away drugs would increase drug use and overdose?
    Everyone who wasnt a liberal, ndp.

  8. Bob bob says

    How pathetic is this headline…

  9. Jackal McMuffin says

    Why would you ever decriminalize drug use? Wow….

  10. Nosnibor Mailliw says

    Oh Clownada

  11. Dorian Gray says

    Maybe the NDP should stop handing out drugs and actually do something about repeat violent offenders instead of just calling them 'marginalised' and looking the other way.

  12. William Terry Masters says

    People can make laws but people have no power to enforce them if they did why are they broken

  13. Hoovie9596 says

    It wasn’t already banned before ?

  14. NoosedGoose says

    How was this not a thing before?!

  15. James Brazeau says

    How she said "City news" at the end…lol

  16. Handle-Scandal says

    If you are a PM you can't just say,
    we are going to do what ever is legal to coax junkies to O.D.

  17. Jean Tillotson says

    Too little too late as usual

  18. Shah D. says

    This country is doomed because politicians try to please everyone. It is time to realize that there are lines not to be crossed. First recreational drugs, now this. what's next? pedos will be legalized ?!

  19. Ross says

    It's like giving an arsonist a lighter after he runs out of matches. Forced treatment and a justice system that isn't full of morons would be a good start .

  20. R Toma says

    Yes that will deter them. Junkies are well known to abide laws. The fact that they are released before the ink on their arrest papers is even dry, irrelevant.

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