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  1. Brain Wells says

    School board and school trustee are appointed in not voted in

  2. Brain Wells says

    SLGBTQ people have become like Trump Supporters. You can have your rights but keep it to yourself don't spread it to the young people

  3. dave mcd says

    i believe it is spelled EGALE not Eagle…..wakeywakey newsy….sigh.

  4. Justin Blaha ESQ says

    I'm a white male who goes to the gym 3-4 times a week.I'm a Monster.

  5. Open Bob says

    we need more anti-hate rallies in support of 2SLGBTQIA+ persons in every Canadian city.

  6. Daniel Nigel says

    Why do they need support again?

  7. Chrthewrestler says

    lgbt group should be protected. they are still human

  8. NewWhirledOrder says

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with hate. We feel that way sometimes for good reason. Best not to make light of or ignore it.

    I hate Pea Dough Files, for example, don't you?

  9. ShitWrangler says

    This stems from a generation of welfare queens that acted like masculine women and punted the men out of the house because their bills were paid by the government, but also didn't even know how to boost a car battery (in Canada of all places) because welfare kept them well fed, or fed well enough, to never have to venture outside their welfare comfort bubble.
    Welfare killed Canada, and the welfare queen (white woman surprisingly) is the prime root cause.

  10. Joe Kickass says

    stop promoting chemical castration and you wont get "hate". Pushed too far, you kept adding nonsense letters, got children involved in your trans nonsense now the normies are getting tired of your crying. Goodluck finding allies now

  11. GoyLand DeFree says

    If we had a proper confidential vote on weather this agenda is what canadians want, we all know it will be 95% against. It's the harassment, threats, gaslighting and other tools they ✡️ use along with media to push these agendas.

  12. American Hotdog says

    Just disgusting

  13. Gene Freeborn says

    Too much focus on too little

  14. Me Hungy! says

    The most intolerant people partook in this movement.

    Constantly lecturing everyone else they are hateful while alway thinking they are the beacon of compassion.

  15. Oodles of Noodles says

    Funny how the most hateful people consistently have rallies in support of themselves.

  16. Michael Warren says

    Make no mistake,the same people who are demanding

    you accept and celebrate their way of life, passionately hate you for yours

    and are relentlessly seeking to destroy it.

  17. Mark Twain says

    Friendly reminder Sept. 20th is the national day of protest to protect children from indoctrination.

  18. Bill Clay says

    Freak show

  19. Remember Ontario NDP Joel Harden faking a hate crime, which you never reported. I do.

  20. LG says

    I think we need to revisit the definition of “hate”, and then apply that equally. Hate crime is BS. Crime is a crime, it either happened or didn’t. When you start to distinguish using hate as a factor, then the crime can be anything deemed “anti-establishment”. Having opposing views isn’t hate, it isn’t a crime, and when we all understand and acknowledge that, we will be a happier society. Be proud because of your accomplishments, not because of who you choose to sleep with.
    Division is in the interest of the elites. They fear our unity. Don’t fall for their tactics.

  21. ARK CON says

    No such thing as 2s term was made up in the 90s by white liberals

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